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When we look at the Quranic verses 6:76-78 it seems that Prophet Ibrahim preached to the people after he considered the sun, the moon and the stars to be God.

First he believed that the ‘star’ was his God; then he believed that the ‘moon’ and the ‘sun’ were his Gods. Then only he realized that they (stars, moon and sun) could not be God. These verses imply this idea only.

But as for Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) was concerned Allah says, “He was never a polytheist…”. We can know this fact from the Quranic verses

Quran - 2:135, 3:67, 3:95, 6:161, 16:120, 16:123.

Since, Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) was never a polytheist that his hailing as God the sun, moon and stars could have been intended to make the people realize step by step.

If he had really believed that they (star, sun and moon) were God it would have contradicted the Quranic verses which say ‘he was never a polytheist’.

If it is assumed that weather Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) could have said like this, due to ignorance in the early days, which is also wrong, because in the Quranic verses 6:83 Allah says that he only gave that proof to Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh).

When it was such that Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) argued like that only on the basis what Allah taught to him. The fact that he uttered so in order to make the people realize, is reinforced, Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) had applied some tricky ways in order to make the people realize the truth.

Allah preaches us the life history of Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) as a lesson in order to instill an assumption that we too can convey any message step by step without any contradictory ideas in mind, so as to make others realize such messages.

We cite this verse as an evidence to assume that in order to give counsel etc…. but any feature in it that which has been prohibited is Haraam.

Allah also has approved such attitude of Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh).

(Quran 6:83)

(For more details refer notes 236,336,432)

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