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In certain Quranic verses while specifying Prophets (pbut), Allah has said that they were given 'Book' and 'Authority'.

'Authority' means the power of the Prophets to do things.

As for Prophets who have been mentioned in Quran are concerned, most of them are not given, except Prophet Dawud (pbuh) and Prophet Sulaiman (pbuh), the authority to rule. At the same time, we are not able to find whether many other Prophets including Prophet Isa (pbuh), Prophet Yahya (pbuh), Prophet Salih (pbuh), Prophet Hood (pbuh) and Prophet Yunus (pbuh) had authority to rule.

If we should narrate this further, Allah says that he gave authority to Prophet Yahya (pbuh) while he was still a child (Quran 19:12).

Why does Allah say that He gave power along with the Book? Why does Allah say that He gave them power, while He actually had not given them power?

Such authority cannot certainly specify the power to rule, instead Allah signifies here only that the Prophets (pbut) would enact laws on the basis of Quranic verses and they would command the people as religious scholars, such authority only is mentioned here.

If we don't interpret like this, then Allah specifying that He has given authority - would become meaningless.

If we attribute the meaning ‘power to rule’ then the entire Prophets sent by Allah should have ruled.

It has been said in Quran that several Prophets (pbut) had been killed by their enemies.

We cannot say that all the Prophets (pbut) conquered the enemies and ruled.

Allah says “you believed in some of the Prophets but you had slain most of them.”

(Quran 2:87, 2:91)

Hence the word ‘Hukum’ (i.e., authority) only signifies authority to enact laws. They would receive such authority through a different type of ‘Wahi’.

That is why Allah says that he gave Book and ‘Authority’ instead of saying ‘We gave Book alone’.

This can be found in the verses 3:79, 6:89 19:12 and 45:16. These verses corroborate the fact that interpretation of the Prophets (pbut) is also necessary in addition to the Books.

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