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167. Habitation and Repository

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167. Habitation and Repository

Anybody can simply understand that which has been said as ‘Habitation’ in the verse 6:98, would specify the earth wherein we are dwelling and that which has been said as ‘repository’ would mean the grave beneath the earth wherein men are buried.

But the word ‘repository’ which has been particularly used, reveals a very grave truth. A man is begot in this world only as a tiny infant. His size increases several times bigger than the size he had when he was an infant, and later on he dies. When he was a baby he would be weighing less, then how he was able to increase his size and weight to that extent means, it was possible because he acquired the energy from this earth.

Man has reduced the earth’s weight by increasing his weight after consuming the grains, cereals and other such nutritious food produced upon the earth.

 If a man weighs 50 kilos means, the earth has lost 50 kilos.

When we say ‘repository’

It means that he ‘belongs’ to this earth since he was made or taken from therein (earth).

Actually man does not consume the soil (earth) directly. Allah has aptly uses the word ‘repository’ wherein lives the concept that man has developed his body by consuming the products which are nothing but modification of the soil (earth). We can ever consider it as a scientific truth.

(For more details see 331th explanatory notes)

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