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215. No fear for the friends of Allah.

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215. No fear for the friends of Allah.

Certain people who have misunderstood this verse (10:62) assume that the saints also can be worshipped. This verse only implied that everyone should try to be an ‘Awliya’ (friend) of Allah: it did not say ‘worship the saints’.

Moreover in the verse 10:63 which follow the above verse - ‘the criterion for deciding who would be ‘Awliya’ (friend) of Allah’- has also given. That is, the criterion is nothing but that those who believe in Allah and fear Him - would be his ‘Awliya’ (friends).

But nobody could know whether such and such a person really believed in Allah and whether he really feared Allah, since these two qualities (belief and fear) would not be found externally and they would be hidden in the hearts of men.

So, these verses only imply that nobody can identify ‘who are Awliya (friends) of Allah’. Hence, there is no room for advocating that saints can be revered.

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