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216. Erecting houses facing each other.

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216. Erecting houses facing each other.

In this Quranic verse 10:87 the Arabic word ‘Qiblah’ has appeared’. This word ‘Qiblah’ has got two meanings; i.e., it can be interpreted as ‘direction faced while worshipping’ or it can be interpreted as ‘facing each other’. All the scholars have been attributing the first interpretation only (i.e., direction faced while worshipping). But there are acceptable Hadith which reveal-that the entire surface of the earth was not made a place of worship for all the Prophets (pbut), except Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and they had been commanded to perform worship in mosques only (Refer Bukhari 335,438)

The proper interpretation would be that Allah commanded to erect dwellings facing each other by forming streets at the centre, instead of erecting the dwellings here and there irregularly.

According to historical evidences the Egyptian civilization is said to be very ancient. We can know from this verse that even such civilization was taught to them by the messengers of Allah, as guided by Allah.

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