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465. Married couples are clothing for each other. 

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465. Married couples are clothing for each other. 

In this verse (2:187) of the Quran Allah by comparing a married couple to their clothing to each other, conveys many disciplines of life.

By not portraying one as the clothing and the other as the user of the clothing and referring to them as clothing for each other, the Almighty talks about the equal responsibility of both. 

The clothes of man protect him from heat and cold, likewise one should share the burden of happiness and difficulties of the other, is the message conveyed here.

The clothes of a person conceal the inadequacies in him, and also protects his honor, likewise here is a message in this verse to conceal the misgivings of each other and arrive at a compromise by talking to each other.

There is a need to talk to each other regarding intimate matters and not to divulge the same to third persons.

Right from the days unknown man always remained dressed up. Likewise, a married couple should feel the need for each other.

When clothes get soiled, we get them cleaned by washing, or we mend them when they are ripped. Similarly, a couple should sort out the difference between them and live unitedly.

There are many messages conveyed here regarding living a peaceful united life of married couples. 

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