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1.The Day of Judgment. 

2.The collection of Arabic letters in the start of some chapters that cannot be deciphered. 

3. Belief in the unseen, unknown. 

4. Scriptures revealed earlier. 

5.Shaitans among humans.

6. Is Allah powerless? 

7. The challenge thrown by the Quran.

8. Are there partners in paradise for women? 

9. The Quran is not misguided. 

10. What does ‘Allah is Immaculate’ mean?

11. Is prostrating before humans allowed in Islam?

12. The paradise Prophet Adam existed in. 

13. The forbidden tree. 

14. How did Prophet Adam express remorse? 

15. Who are the ‘everyone’ that were ordered to exit?

16. Special mention of Israelites.

17. Do recommendations matter in the hereafter?

18. Prophet Musa was not bestowed with any scripture for quite a long time. 

19. How did Samiri pull out a miracle? 

20. Is there a decree to commit suicide? 

21. Is God visible to us in this world? 

22. Was Mount Thor raised? 

23. Why were they transformed into monkeys? 

24. Commandment to slaughter a cow to find out the murderer

25. Predictions about Prophet Muhammad. 

26.Misplacement in numbering the verses. 

27. Can all the Christians be called as ‘People of the Book’?

28. False contentions by Jews about Black Magic.

29. Double speak of hypocrites towards Prophet Muhammad.

30. Why were certain verses of the Quran changed later? 

31. Impertinent, perverse questions directed at Prophet Musa. 

32. Not preventing people from coming to Masjids for worship. 

33. Which place of worship is being referred to? 

34. The holy place of worship that is safeguarded. 

35. What is Makhaam-E-Ibrahim?

36. The four duties of Prophet Muhammad.

37. No discrimination to be shown between the prophets. 

38. Anointing of humans with colors by Allah. 

39. The importance of following Prophet Muhammad’s guidance pointed out in the change of the direction of the Qibla.

40.The two different critical reviews about Qibla. 

41.Do people, killed while fighting in the way of Al-Mighty remain alive?

42.Foods that are banned.

43.Criminal laws under Islamic jurisprudence.

44. Is the difference of opinion expressed in fixing the lunar calendar Islamic dates justified? 

45. The law for legal heirs that replaced dying declaration.

46. Can man be called Kalifa of Allah? 

47. Remedy for giving up fasting. 

48. Things to avoid during menstrual period. 

49. There is no intermediary (middlemen) for God.

50. Laws on fasting, that necessitates following Prophet Muhammad’s guidance.

51.Why is the plural word crescents used?

52.Superstitous beliefs held by Arabs. 

53.Does Islam order the killing of people belonging to other faiths? 

54. War should not be waged to convert people. 

55.Which are the holy months? 

56.The three categories of Haj. 

57. The months for performing Haj. 

58.Trading while on haj pilgrimage.

59. The concept of discrimination in humans destroyed by Islam. 

60. What does the phrase ‘departing in two days’ mean? 

61. What is the meaning of the phrase ‘Allah will come’. 

62. The ways to spend money. 

63. Wives are fruitful fields. 

64.Saturday.Promises that are required to be adhered to.

65. Sunday. Swearing against one’s wife. 

66. Is the Islamic law on divorce justified?

67. Prophet Muhammad was bestowed scripture with knowledge. (Explanations of the verses of the Quran.)

68. Enforceable Islamic laws compatible with human endurance. 

69. What is the need for a period of ‘Iddah’ in women? 

70. Forgoing Mahar by men is desirable.

71. Mid worship (Not Midday) (salah), as proof for the number of worshiping per day is five.

72. How to worship in situations of fearfulness?

73. About loan waiver in Islam 

74. Is there a requirement in Islam to pay regularly for the maintenance (alimony) of divorced women? 

75. What is meant by ‘handsome loan’ mentioned in the Quran.

76. A war cannot be waged without a government to lead.

77. The ark (chest, box) and its sacredness.

78. Do we need to give away things we love as charity? 

79. Do the dead possess powers? 

80. Can inferior goods be given away to others? 

81. Guiding one to the right path is in the hands of God.

82. Wages for those involved in spreading the message of God. 

83.Is Shaitan the reason for people becoming insane? 

84.Is there permission in Islam to collect small amounts as interest?

85.Why is there a discrimination between men and women in the presentation of witnesses? 

86.Words in the Quran that convey dual meaning. 

87.Victory in the ‘Battle of Badr’ in spite of inherent weaknesses. 

88. Are men permitted to adorn gold jewelry? 

89. Can people of other faiths be treated as friends? 

90. The meaning of the Quran's mention of Prophet Isa as ‘Allah’s Word.’

91. Why is a Muslim prohibited from marrying a non-Muslim.

92. Is the word ‘Masih’ Arabic?

93. Was Prophet Isa taken possession of and raised to the sky?

94. Throwing a challenge by invoking God’s curse (Mubahala). 

95. The oath by the messengers of God.

96. Do all creations obey Al-Mighty Allah? 

97. The chicanery of Jews in the book of Torah. 

98. Is there anything known as ‘Rope of Unity’?

99. Mention of poverty being cast upon the Jews (Children of Israel) 

100. God does not share any power with Prophet Muhammad.

101. The message conveyed in the phrase ‘Many have passed away earlier’. 

102. A bigger worry as a solution to a small one. 

103. The seamless blending of hypocrites. 

104. The knowledge about the ‘hidden’ revealed to messengers by God.

105. Messengers bestowed with manuscripts and scriptures.

106. Is polygamy justified? 

107. Why did Islam allow men to have sex with slaves? 

108. In these verses (2:236, 2:237, 4:4, 4:24,25, 4:127, 5:5, 33:50, 60:10) of the Quran we find it requiring the groom to pay the dower to the bride on marriage.

109. Variation (between men and women) in Islamic laws on Inheritance.

110. The amended law on Kalala. 

111. Invulnerable apportionment of property under Islamic law of inheritance. 

112. Requirement of four witnesses to substantiate accusation of prostitution.

113. The change in the award of punishment for prostitution. 

114. When having already been married to inappropriate persons. 

115. Punishment for whoring.

116. The liquor addiction that was gradually brought down.

117. The act of resorting to ‘Tayyammum’ when there is no availability of water for ablution (Wudu). 

118. The prophecy of Muslims being victorious. 

119. The nerves that sense pain are embedded in the skins of humans.

120. On obeying commandments of leaders. 

121. Can we seek forgiveness from Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

122. The fructus of dreams.

123. A Quran without contradictions.

124. No spreading rumors. 

125. Shortening worship while travelling. 

126. Worshipping in battlefields.

127. Worship at normal times.

128. A wahee (divine message) other than Quran. 

129. Religious edicts on women.

130. Zakat-A mandatory duty for Muslims. 

131.One verse serving as an explanation to another. 

132.The difference between Allah and His prophets.

133- Was Prophet Isa crucified ?      

134-Prophet Isa will be accepted by all as Prophet before he dies.

135. Are we permitted to eat meat of animals sacrificed at Altars?

136. Is lucky draw permitted in Islam?

137. Whether the food of ‘ The people of the Book’ is permitted for Muslims’.

138. Getting married to a girl from the people of the book.

139. Seeking wealth is not a sinful act.

140. Can the prophet bless people with riches?

141. The meaning of ‘Waseela’.

142. The Quran ‘An awe, a bewilderment’

143. The protected and safeguarded Quran.

144. The womb that accepts a foreign particle.

145. The leader who cannot be killed by any.

146. Jews Banned from fishing on Saturdays?

147. Are Christians more closer to Muslims?                                             

148. Meaningless votive offerings

149. The sky that gives back.

150. Can we question religious scholars? 

151. The questioning in the hereafter that confirms “Raising of Prophet Isa to the skies”

152. The Holy Quran was not revealed in written form.

153. What is meant by ‘Sending angels’.

154. The reason why heavenly beings were not sent as messengers of God.

155. Allah’s words (Kalimatullah) that cannot possibly be written.

156. Is Prophet Muhammad to suffer twice the torment. 

157. What is the meaning of the phrase “The Book that is safeguarded”

158. Will only the unjust be destroyed?

159. The ways to greet people.

160. Men protected by angels during their lifetime.

161. Angels as messengers.

162. Is lying allowed while propagating religion?

163.The prediction about Makkah victory

164. The powers relegated to the Messengers of Allah.

165. The angels that take hold of the souls of humans.

166. Life in the grave- a world of spirits.

167. The place of stay and the place to be handed over to. 

168.The blind person ,and the indifference of Prophet Muhammad.

169. The high literary grace of ‘The Quran’ 

170. Not to abuse what others worship.

171. Is slaughtering animals for food justified.

172. Shrinking of the heart during space journey. 

173. Exemption from permanent stay in hell. 

174.The tree that exposed the sex instincts.

175. Humans can live only on earth.

176. Condition to be fully attired during worship.

177. To whom are the gates of heaven not open?                                

178. The ones that enter paradise from the barrier wall (The Araaff).

179. In how many days was the world created?

180. Prayers are to be made in silence and all humbleness.

181. Striving for the cause of the oppressed.

182. Declaration made by Prophet Muhammd equally to everyone.

183. The capability of Jinns.

184. Prophet Musa’s propaganda before being bestowed with a scripture.

185. Prediction about the expulsion of the hypocrites.

186. The authority to declare something prohibited rests with whom? 

187. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) the last of the messengers.

188. Not preventing evil from taking place is also a crime. 

189. From the loins of “The Children of Adam”

190. Contorting Allah’s name.

191. Did Prophet Adam commit the act of creating an equal to God ?

192. Remembrance of Almighty to be made in silence. 

193. Advaita : Philosophy of ignorance.

194. What is meant by the term “had Allah known”

195. The poor have a claim of share in the spoils of war.

196. The unplanned “Battle of Badr”

197. The responsibility to strengthen military power rests with the state.

198. Waging a war not mandatory on weak governments.

199. Destroying enemies completely.

200. The reason for ban on people of other faiths entering the precincts of Kaaba.

201. The need for imposition of Jizya tax on people of other faiths.

202. Is it sworn in the name of dawn or the roaring stars? In this verse 86:1 of the Quran it swears in the name of stars. The meaning of the word star is mentioned in the next verse. we come to know it as a light -emitting star. A star which glows with h

203. Is war a mandatory duty even with less strength of force?

204. Zakat is an attraction towards hearts and minds.

205. Zakat in the ‘path of Allah’.

206. Nomads are qualified to receive zakat money. 

207. The part played by women in procreation

208. Reconstructing fingerprints of humans.

209. The compensation measure for murder.

210. The three on whom the verdict was deferred.

211. Should everyone strive to gain knowledge?

212. The Immaculate life of Prophet Muhammad.

213. Can recommendations from the pious be solicited.

214. One messenger each to a community. 

215. The pious have no fear.

216. Constructing houses facing each other

217. The preserved remains of Firon. (Pharaoh) 

218. Was Prophet Muhammad himself sceptic about the Quran.

219. The eminence of the community of Prophet Yunus.

220. Prophet Muhammad not to forget the revelation.

221. When the water overflowed.

222. The ark that rested on top of Mount Judi. 

223. Who was led to the altar to be sacrificed?

224.The blessed family of Prophet Ibrahim.

225. Are the heavens and earth permanent?

226. Proof in the Quran for five times a day worship.

227. Why was the Quran revealed in Arabic language?

228. Siblings of Yusuf.

229. Is it a crime to desire by Prophet Yusuf within his mind?

230. Who did Shaitan make forget?

231. The location in the human body from where semen is released?

232. The words ‘I did not commit betrayal’ were uttered by whom.

233. Can a post/designation be demanded for?

234. Do we need to bind ourselves by man made laws?

235. Why were they told not to go through a single entrance?

236. Can a task be accomplished with a ruse/cunningness?

237. Obeying Non-Muslim ruler

238. What does “Towards the altars” mean?

239. Why are there no females among messengers of God?

240. The sky also rests on pillars.

241. The sun is constantly moving.

242. Pairs found in all creations.

243. The earth is being reduced from its edges.

244. The messengers spoke the language of the community.

245. Prophet Ibrahim’s prayer was turned down.

246. Prediction in the Quran about the city of Makkah to flourish

247. Can we seek forgiveness for those who equated God?

248. Mountains as pegs in the earth.

249. What is meant by ‘revealing the sura’.

250. The grandeur of the first chapter of the Quran.

251. The commandment to tread in humbleness.

252. Death is something certain, without doubt. 

253. Prediction in the Quran about modern vehicles.

254. Can one shoulder the burden of another?

255. How to comprehend “The Quran”. 

256. The task assigned to Prophet Muhammad is to explain the Quran.

257. How milk is produced in mammals?

258. The one more ‘Wahee’ other than Quran. 

259. The Honeybees and honey.

260. The birds that remain afloat in air.

261. Refuting religious allegiance orally under duress.

262. One verse as an explanation to another.

263. Prophet Muhammad’s space journey.

264. About the Israelites.

265. One cannot shoulder the burden of another.

266. Not possible to reach the depths of the earth!

267. The visions which Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was exposed to.

268. The prediction about enemies of Prophet Muhammad to be decimated. 

269. Saints and Miracles.

270. Performing salah in silence and with sound recitation. 

271. The ‘Dead Sea’ scrolls.

272. Not to prohibit matters permitted by God.

273. Spiritualism and Ignorance.

274. The journey that makes one realize earth is round. 

275. To also believe in Prophet Muhammad. 

276. No age limit prescribed to be a messenger of God.

277. Observing fast of silence. 

278. To whom would Prophet Esa, who is alive, pay his Zakat money to?

279. Are there statements of Jibreel (AS) in the Quran ?

280. Passing through hell to reach paradise.

281. Prophet Muhammad a universal prophet.

282. Predictions about Prophet Muhammad.

283. Scuttling attempts to spread the message by citing ancestors.

284. Prediction about gravitational force.

285. Sorcery is but a trick! 

286. The verses, restraining secret counsels?

287. The “Big Bang” theory from the Quran.

288. Sky being a protected canopy.

289. Is belief in fate a superstition?

290. Kaaba! Every Muslim has a right to Kaaba.

291. Are unclean people allowed to handle the Quran?

292. Animals slaughtered for God are for the needy/ poor.

293. Relativity Theory as explained in the Quran.

294. What does “Confusion created by Shaitan” mean?

295. The first religion of the world is Islam.

296. The various stages of foetal development as described in the Quran.

297. Where does the groundwater come from?

298. A dead person’s spirit never returns to this world.

299. Public execution of punishments.

300. The necessity for Hijab in women.

301. ‘Bond of freedom’ for slaves. 

302. No parable for the light from God. 

303. The many darknesses.

304. Space travel is possible.

305. Barrier between the seas.

306. The prediction about the fall of the enemies of Prophet Muhammad.

307. Ban on Shaitans entering the heavens.

308. The rare species to be exposed in the final days of the world.

309. Eight years of service as ‘Mahar’.

310. The prediction in the Quran announcing the availability of fruits in the desert. 

311. Prediction in the Quran, about Makkah to be won over.

312. On Prophet Muhammad being an illiterate.

313. Prediction in the Quran about the victory of Romans.

314. The age upto which an infant can continue breastfeeding.

315. The space journey called Mehraj.

316. Equating one’s wife with mother. 

317. Adopted Children 

318. Role model in Prophet Muhammad. 

319. The status of the wife of an adopted son in Islam

320. Male offspring of Prophet Muhammad. 

321. What does the word Shira mean? 

322. Wives of Prophet Muhammad are not to re-marry on his death. 

323. Paths in space to traverse.

324. What is meant by the word ‘Salawat’? 

325. The Quran about the speed of the wind.

326. Are idols permitted in Islam ?

327. Jinns do not have knowledge of the unseen. 

328. The gravitational pull between the earth and sky.

329. Three messengers being sent, one after another to a single community.

330. Immediate grant of paradise to martyrs.

331. The weight of the earth taken in by humans.

332. Is there torment in the grave?

333. The growing and wearing away of man.

334. What is meant by ‘Bayyat’ 

335. The earth is spherical in shape. 

336. Lying to avoid being a part of evil deeds. 

337. The wrong committed by Prophet Dawood.

338. The torso on the throne of Prophet Sulaiman. 

339. Tales in the life history of Prophet Ayyub.

340. Was there any law that governed men before the age of 40.

341. The blessed night. 

342. Prophet Isa will return to earth in the final days. 

343. Can the earlier prophets be questioned?

344. Was Muhammad a prophet at birth? 

345. One of the pieces of evidence to prove God does exist.

346. Exemption from getting swooned on the day of Judgment

347. What do the words two deaths and two lives mean? 

348. An end to the advent of prophets. 

349. Punishment for Firon, and his followers in the mornings and evenings each day.

350. The three types of divine messages. 

351. The Quran is devoid of mistakes.

352. The two messages carried by the messengers! 

353. The cloud of smoke after the ‘Big Bang’.

354. Is the Quran structured on the mathematical figure 19?

355. The prediction about atom bomb in the Quran. 

356. The end of Abu-Lahab 

357. Faith in sorcery is infidelity.

358. Prophecy regarding victory in ‘Battle of Badr’. 

359. On whom is fighting a war mandatory? 

360. The Iddah of the pregnant.

361. When does the day begin? 

362. Quran on Mehraj. 

363. Does touching woman renders a man out of Wudu (Ablution). 

364. Forgiving those who slandered against him. 

365. The fertilized egg. 

366. Infertile/Barren wind. 

367. A solution to get rid of fear. 

368. Monkey not precursor to man. 

369. Remedy for having missed five times worship

370. Fuel of hell fire. 

371. Branding the snout of men as a means of identification 

372. Did Prophet Nooh have knowledge of the hidden. 

373. No rituals for naming a new born. 

374. Was Dhulkarnain a messenger of God.

375. The murder committed by Prophet Musa. 

376. Dining at other’s homes 

377. Wages for propagating Islam.

378.The reason Prophet Muhammad married more than one woman.

379. Is swearing in the name of other than God allowed in Islam?

380. The debate in the superior assembly. 

381. Is anything considered inauspicious in Islam. 

382. Remaining uncompromised with those following wrong ideology. 

383. Taking into use animals that are considered as a votive offering.

384. Accepting faith in One God in the final hours of one’s life. 

385. Priority for relatives

386. The need for two witnesses while divorce is pronounced.

387. Which are those ten nights.

388. What is meant by Khauser. 

389. The nomad community of Prophet Musa.

390. Will the blind be resurrected as blind in the hereafter.

391. No legal heirs for properties belongings left behind by prophets.

392. Did the Almighty decimate those that did not commit sin. 

393. Justice for the orphans and polygamy. 

394. What was Prophet Musa blamed on by his people?

395. Can a person remain alive in the belly of a fish?

396. How many verses are there in the Quran, requiring (prostration) sujood while reciting the word.

397. Can a super structure be built over a grave? 

398. Nabi and Rasool are one and the same 

399. The ship of the desert

400. Safa , Marva. 

401. The right to forgive a murderer. 

402. The right of women to divorce husbands.

403. The right of women to choose a husband. 

404. Men conversing with women who remain in Iddah.

405. Remarriage of women who lose their husbands.

406. The technology to keep food fresh. 

407. Prohibition on eating pork. 

408. When were the mountains created? 

409. Do people who have not perpetuated injustice face punishment?

410. The assurance given to Makkans on alleviation of poverty.

411. Why was an innocent jailed?

412. Heat treated pebbles. 

413. The Arabic letter with a bigger font in the originals of the Quran.

414. Earlier scriptures were named as Quran. 

415. Cloning is a possibility.

416. The giant birds. 

417. Singing the praise of Almighty in the masjids. 

418. Are women allowed to enter the masjids? 

419. The secret of rain from the skies. 

420. How was the Quran safeguarded? 

421. The ever expanding Universe. 

422. The splitting of the moon

423. Was the iron metal brought down from above?

424. The restriction on women not to step out of their dwellings during Iddah.

425. The layers of the earth

426. The birthplace of ‘lies’.

427. Slaughtering only in the name of the Almighty!

428. The abode of criminals. 

429. There are waves in the deep sea

430. To face the Kaaba from wherever. 

431. What is meant by under duress? 

432. The reason for Prophet Ibrahim to lie.

433. Places of worship of other faiths

434. What are Illiyeen and Sijjin? 

435. Do the poor need to get married? 

436. Underwater delivery of babies. 

437. The factor that determines the sex a baby yet to be born.

438. The zam zam water spring. 

439. The cause of dumbness. 

440. Life on other planets. 

441. Living organisms created from the lifeless objects.

442. Mannu, Salwa. 

443. The Sabians. 

444. Supporting with the help of the Pure Spirit

445. Treating scripture as a commodity.

446. The trust shouldered by man.

447. Was the Quran revealed in a single night.

448. The ones that follow Prophet Isa

449. Is Mubahala allowed between Muslims.

450. Sister of Haroon.

451. The group is known as Yajooj Majooj. 

452. Why weren't the numbers mentioned accurately? 

453. Paradise to be destroyed and recreated on earth.

454. Separating from an immoral wife. 

455. Who was sacrificed as per the Bible. 

456. Was Prophet Isa crucified on the cross? 

457. Predictions about Prophet Muhammad in the Bible.

458. What is meant by adornment.

459. Is Jesus the son of God? 

460. Are the Islamic years named after Hijirath.

461. Are Suhuf and Kitab one and the same? 

462. Is it possible to sleep continuously for several years together? 

463. If Allah takes the responsibility of feeding people, why do deaths due to hunger result.

464. Can the Ababeel birds come to the rescue of masjids today.

465. Married couples are clothing for each other. 

466. Why were the enemies portrayed in reduced numbers? 

467. There was nobody by the name of Yahya earlier. 

468. Proving facts by undergoing scrutiny. 

469. Who are the ones who belong to hell fire? 

470. Ants also have intelligence . 

471. Sinners can also get to the proximity of God.

472. Women not to veil their faces.

473. Was the act of breaking idols justified? 

474. The intelligence in honeybees in finding their way back. 

475. Fasting is good.

476. How far can a man be trusted?

477. A great solution for depression. 

478. Breastfeeding is an obligatory duty. 

479. Not to perform missed salah after the time limit is over, at a later time. 

480. Is reciting the Dua-E-Qunoot with the intention of invoking the wrath of God on someone allowed? 

481. Can business be carried out by others on our behalf during Jummah worship.

482. Did Prophet Muhammad see the Almighty.

483. Can a man live up to 950 years?

484. Not to despair when confronted with difficulties and hardships.

485. Is worship a necessity for a needless God?

486. The two different souls. 

487. Does abortion amount to homicide.

488. Is God devoid of a form or shape? 

489. Questioning the requirement for foreign language words when the Quran is said to be revealed in clear Arabic.?

490. Why does ‘the incomparable compassionate’ God refuses to forgive?

491. Is the Bible a combination of Torah and Injeel put together? 

492. Is the Quran the narrative of Jibril or Allah?

493. Prophet Muhammad the sinned and Jesus the innocent.

494. Are the women undergoing their monthly menstrual period prohibited to enter masjids.

495. Sorcery does not impact men. 

496. The meaning of the phrase ‘some are aware of the number of cave people.

497. Can a non –Muslim be prayed for?

498. Good deeds committed earlier by non- Muslims turn into benefits.

499. Were the verses 113 and 114 revealed regarding witchcraft and sorcery.

500. Veiling the face is a requirement, exclusive to the wives of Prophet Muhammad.

501. Can we be guided by our ancestors? 

502. Are there two hearts for women? 

503. Was man created from clay?

504. Did the offspring of Adam marry within siblings? 

505. Why is fish eaten without being slaughtered in the name of the creator? 

506. Contradictory statements regarding creation of man. 

507. What is meant by the term sky. 

508. No pride in being a member of a clan, caste, or tribe. 

509. Who is Iblis?

510. Why does the Quran run into controversies by saying that the tongue will talk and not at the same time.

511. Can it be mentioned as “He sat on the Arsh”.

512. The extent to which a thief's hand needs to be severed.

513. The days in which animals can be sacrificed, during Hajj pilgrimage.

514. Is it appropriate for the Quran to speak about female genitals? 

515. Can we follow the footsteps of faithful Muslims? 

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