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About this Translation

ஆங்கில முன்னுரை
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About this Translation

It will be beneficial for the readers to know certain procedures adopted in this translation.

          We have used transliteration of certain Arabic words because of the non availability of the words in the English language, which give the exact meaning of the Arabic word.

          We have also used certain Arabic words which can only be understood by Muslims. For example, though ‘Salath’ is a familiar word among the Muslims, those who are other than Muslims will not understand the meaning. Hence, explanations for such words which are unfamiliar to non-Muslims are given under the heading ‘Glossary’ in an alphabetical order.

We have used numbers at necessary places for the following reasons.

          Various explanations may be necessary for the subject-matter of certain verses.

          Doubt may arise regarding the total (complete) idea of a verse.

          Or, the verse may contain certain predictions about the future.

          Or, the verse may contain certain scientific truth.

          Or, doubt and confusion may arise regarding the extent of the applicability of the verse to the modern times, though the meaning of the verse is understood.

          Or, it may contain ideas which add extra dimension to the meaning of the verse.

We have used such numbers in various places. If, for example, the book number 12 is given, then we can know that, that the note denoted by the particular number contains extra information.

We have taken extra care to avoid repetition.

For example, Quran cites references regarding the revelation of the Books in the past, in various places. All those places will be denoted only by the foot-note number 4.

We have used only very simple language and avoided the language of high style, in order to benefit the common readers.

We have made it an objective to present the correct meaning in accordance with the true Islamic spirit exhibited through Quran and Hadees.

Certain words added by us for the purpose of clarification have been enclosed in brackets.

For example, certain verses, in which God address the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), we use the name of the Prophet ‘Muhammad’ in brackets in order that it should not be misunderstood that God’s address is towards others.

Certain people may raise objection to such usage without the usual addition (pbuh) with the name of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), stating that it many cause disrespect to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Those people who make this objection should remember that it is Allah who addresses the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). It will cause disrespect to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) only if we address him in that manner.

For example, if we translate a word ‘Aleem’ as ‘knowing’ in a particular place then we used the same meaning ‘knowing’ wherever we have used the word.

We have not adopted this procedure in some. Such places of exception, where we get more than one meaning for some words.

We have given the foot notes separately in order to limit the number of pages.

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