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Evidences to prove that Quran is a Book of God

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Evidences to prove that Quran is a Book of God

Scientific Evidences

1.         The heaven functions as a roof protecting the earth from the dangers of the other planets. (2:22, 21:32, 40:64, 52:5)

2.         The heaven has the tendency to return back to the earth whatever that ascends from the earth (86:11)

3.         The veins which give the feeling of pain remain also in the skins of human body (4:56).

4.        When we ascend to the heaven the heart contract (6:125)

5.         Living-beings can live only on the earth (2:36, 7:24, 7:25)

6.         The gravitational force is the reason that the birds, flying in the air do not fall (dash) on the earth. (66:79,  67:19)

7.         Though it is possible to ascend in the heaven for a long distance, it is impossible to descend below the earth beyond the height of the mountain.(17:37)

8.         The journey around the earth by Dhulkarnain which proves that the earth is round (18:90)

9.        The miracle of the formation of earth as a cradle (20:53, 43:10, 78:6)

10.       The utterance of the recent discovery of the big bang, which originated the earth.(21:30)

11.        The child which grows in the womb gets its human shape only after 3 months.(23:14)

12.       The process involved in the ground-water conservation.(23:18)

13.       The existence of barrier between two seas which remain joined together (25:53,27:61, 35:12, 55:19,20)

14.       The miracle of the calculation of the average speed of the wind.(34:12)

15.       The gravitational force between the heaven and the earth.(35:41, 13:2, 31:10, 22:65)

16.       By mentioning the existence of many easts and many wests proves that the earth is round.(37:5, 55:17, 70:40)

17.       The planets were formed from the dust clouds after the big bang.(41:11)

18.       The human beings as well as other living things take their mass only from the earth. - 6:98, 50:4, 71:17

19.       The journey into the space is possible - 55:33-35

20.      The finger print is the important identification of a human being - 75:4

21.       Women also have their share in the production of a child- 76:2

22.      Honey does not flow from the mouth of the bee but it flow from the stomach of the bee (as excretion) - 16:69

23.      Waves exist not only on the surface of the sea but also in the depth of the sea - 24:40

24.      The womb does not accept anything except the embryo for a fixed period - 13:8

25.      The presence of veins which help in telling lies is in the front section of the brain  - 96:15

26.      If the oxygen is removed form the air then all the living things will be destroyed - 51:41,42

27.      The psychological part that the fear can be reduced if the hands are kept very close to the ribs - 28:32

28.      The place from where the sperm is released. (86:7)

29.      The astronomical fact that there are ways in the space. (51:7)

30.      The earth has its own gravitational force. (13:2, 31:10)

31.       The Sun and the planets are running- 13:2, 31:29, 35:13, 36:38, 39:5

32.      The splitting of the moon and the presence of it’s the evidence   - 54:2

33.      The astronomical fact about the expansion of boundary of space - 51:47

34.      There are pairs not only among the living things but also among other things including plants - 13:3, 20:53, 36:36, 43:12, 51:49

35.      The prediction of the decrease in the area of the earth due to the global warming which will melt the ice-bergs and raise the sea level - 13:41, 21:44

36.      The complete details of the water cycle (origin of rein etc) which match with the present day discovery of the modern scientist - 24:43

37.      The prediction about the possibility of the invention of atomic weapons - 105:1-5, 11:82, 15:74, 26:173, 27:58, 51:32

38.      By using the plural form of the word ‘darkness’ it explain that colors have their wave length and this wave length varies according to the color - 2:17, 2:19, 2:257, 5:16, 6:1, 6:39, 6:59, 6:63, 6:97, 6:122, 13:16, 14:1, 14:5, 21:87, 24:40, 27:63, 33:43, 35:20, 39:6, 57:9, 65:11

39.      The prediction about the technique of preservation of goods for a long time - 2:259

40.      The prediction before 14 centuries about the possibility of cloning - 19:21, 19:29,30, 21:91, 23:50

41.       The explanation of the unique physical shape of ‘a camel’ - 88:17, 36:41,42

42.      The iron was not produced in the earth, but it was sent down from the heaven - 57:25

43.      The mountains as pegs protect the earth, which rotates at a great speed, from shock - 13:3, 15:19, 16:15, 21:31, 27:61, 31:10, 41:10, 50:7, 77:27. 78:7, 79:32

44.      The confirmation of the scientific fact that the mountains were formed only after the creation of the earth - 41:9,10

45.      The fact about the process of production of milk in the animals before the invention of scientific equipments and laboratories - 16:66

46.      There existed birds on the earth which could carry a human-being - 22:31

47.      The declaration of twelve months for a year even before the later decision of fixing the number of a year as twelve - 9:36

48.      A psychological treatment of removing the sorrow of a person by bringing him a false message of bigger worry - 3:153

49.      Genes passed through generation after generation (7:172).

50.      The relativity theory discovered in the last century.(22:47, 32:5)

51.       Man has not originated from ape.

52.      Only the nose identifies a person properly.

53.      During the period when there was no telescope, the Holy Quran mention that the earth is made of many layers.(65:12)

54.      It is healthy for both the mother and the child that the delivery is conducted in water.(19:24)

55.      The gender of a child is decided only by the sperm of a male.(75:39)


•           The Kaba (Masjid) shall remain till the dooms day - 2:125, 3:97, 5:97, 14:35, 28:57, 29:67, 95:3, 105:1-5, 106:3,4

•           The people of Makka shall enjoy affluent life - 9:28

•           The declaration that even though the prophet (pbuh) openly mingled with people, no human-being could kill him - 5:67

•           The body of the Firaun who died thousands of years before will be preserved - 10:92

•           When the people of that period used only the horse and camel as vehicles, Quran predicts about the future inventions of modern vehicles - 16:8

•           The prediction that Islamic rule will be established very soon at Makka, when the Muslims, who were in minority, had been facing humiliation and torture at the hands of the polytheists 73:20

•           The prediction that the enemies of the prophet shall be defeated by the minority Muslims - 17:76, 54:45

•           During the period of the prophet (pbuh) the Roman Empire was destroyed and annihilated by the Persians. The prediction about the victory of the Romans over the Persians, at that time, could not have been imagined that it could happen - 30:2,3,4

•           When the prophet, fearing his life, left Makka and took refuge in Madina, it was predicted that he would defeat the enemies at Makka and occupy it - 28:85

•           The prediction that fruits will be brought to Makka, which is a desert, from all parts of the world - 28:57

•           The prediction about the preservation of the scrolls of the Book of God in a cave- 18:9

•           That the Abu Lahab, Uncle of prophet (pbuh), will not accept Islam - 111:1,2

•           The prediction about the ship, which carried Nooh (pbuh) and his people during the great flood that took place thousands of years ago, would be kept protected in a mountain - 11:44, 29:15, 54:15

•           The hypocrites who had been ruling over Madina would be expelled - 33:60

•           The Quran will be protected for ever - 15:9

Logical Evidences

•           The challenge that no book can be created like Quran - 2:23,24, 10:38, 11:13, 17:88, 28:49, 52:34

•           The challenge that no contradiction can be found in Quran - 4:82, 41:42

•           The Books which revealed before the prophet (pbuh), which were hidden by the religious clerics, were brought to limelight by the prophet who was unlettered - 3:93, 7:157, 48:29

•           The challenge posed to the people of different religions by the prophet (pbuh) based on his spiritual strength - 3:61

•           By establishing the fact that there is no share for the prophet (pbuh) in the authority of God, it is proved that Quran is the Book of God - 3:28

•           Praising Quran as the Book of God by conveying revelation of God regarding the passing of stricture against the prophet (pbuh) in the case of his blind companion - 80:1-8

•           Presenting his pure life as an evidence to prove his trust worthiness to establish to establish the Quran as the Book of God - 10:16

•           When the help rendered to a person, who had indulged in scandal-mongering against the wife of the prophet (pbuh), was stopped, God criticized this act. By recording this criticism of God in the Quran itself it is proved that Quran is not the words of the prophet but it is the Book of God - 24:22

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