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Dreams in the light of Islam:


Dream plays an important role in mans life. When a man expects something which cannot be achived, it will be said Dont dream day dreams. When we discuss matters for which there is no evidence regarding its occurance, it is just said, A dumbs dream. These examples are sufficient to show the defects of dreams.

Dreams has become such an important phenomena in everybody.s life to such an extent, that it is behind everyone who doesnt dream cannot be a human being at all. It is just for this purpose, that we desire to explain what Islam says about dream.

Since modifications are taking place in ones life based on the sort of belief he has about his dream, we feel its necessary for us to explain about it.

For instance

-Those, after seeing a dream, doubt their wives and even divorce them.

-Those who sacrificed the children.

-Those who spared their belongings as they saw in dream.

- Those having dreamt of becoming wealthy man and earning for that moment.

So will plolong the list .

 Imaan, which is more important than one s life is being abandoned by many who show dream the reason.

 Since Muslims must learn about dream thoroughly. We have published this book Dreams In the light of Islam . This book was fist published in Tamil. As there was good response from the people, it was published under seven editions. And it is for the same reason, that we decided to publish it in English too.(There are extra informations and evidence in addition to the previous editions)

 Those who read this book can get rid of the confussions caused by dreams. This book will remain to you a sheild, protecting you from being misguided by your dreams. With this hope, we are publishing this book. We pray the Almighty Allah to fulfil our intentions.

 Your s truly,

 Nabila Publications

Dreams In the light of Islam:

Muslims of Tamil Nadu belive in many things, thinking it is Islam, when it is not Islam. The main reason for this is their ignorance regarding dreams. The same ignorance is the reason for many being deceived.

 Dream is the main reason for their going to dargah for worshipping and making offerings. They show their dreams, the main proof when they say, Such and such Saint appeared in my dream and ordured me to go to such and such dargah.

 Once again dreams become the main reason for the sudden evolutions of dargahs, with any historical proof.

 Forgers in the disguise of scholars, after some nonsence to deceive people and call that nonsense Interpretation of Dreams . We see people, who belive this nonsense true, lose their peace and suffer a lot unnecessrity.

 Since there is no proper knowledge about dream and its elucidation, even more worse things like this do occur.

 # Are all that we see in dream is true?

 # Is it necessary to implement what we see in dream?

 # What must we do if our dreams are in the form of   giving as hapines? What must we do if our dreams  in the form of giving us sorrow?

 # How should we distinguish good dreams and bad  dreams?

 # How should we assure the results of dreams?

If we understand the true explanations of these questions in the shade of the Quran and the Hadith, we can get rid of the confussions caused to us by dreams.

Dreams are of different types:

 A few say, we need not take it account any dream. We need not give it any importance. This opinion is not accepted by Islam.

All the dreams that we see are meaningful. All that we see in dreams will come true. A few others say, we must implement if any thing is ordered to us in dream. Islam doesn t agree to this opinion too.

Some dreams are said to be meaningful and some are not. This is the true state of Islam.

Three types of Dream:

 There are three types of dreams. The reflection of one,s thought and experiences one has during wakefutress, what is suggested by Satan to frighten the dreamer, or gladings from Allah. 

 Narrator: Abu Huraira (Rali)


In advance , Allah informs us through dreams the wealth, children, degree, positions etc that we are going to attain in future. This is the first type of dreams. Good dreams mean, we are going to get glad tidings from Allah.

With the help of dreams ,Satan plays a drama to create worries in us, obstructs our worship and beliefs by making us go to the forgers seeking interpreations to dreams. This is another type.

The reflections fo one s thought and experiences that is deep in heart some times results in dreams. There is no need to feel happy or sad about it. There is no meaning in this. This is the third type.

Lets study about that the good dreams, the first type, in the shade of the Quran and the Hadith.

Good Dreams:

 The Prophet said. The (good) dreams of a faithful believes is a part of the forty six pasts of population  

 Narator: Ubada Bin As Samit


In a fea reports, It is a part of 45 parts.


 In a fea reports , it is said, One of the Seventy Parts


We must rightly understand, what the prophet (Sal) means by saying good dreams as one of the 45 parts or one of the 46 parts or one of the 70 parts of population.

 The Prophet being Messengers of Allah, received messages from Allah through four ways ..

  1. Allah speaking to His Messengers directly ..
  2. Allah conveying His messages by sending angels to the Prophets.
  3. The messages that He desires to convey, He inspires it is the mind of the Prophets.
  4. The messages that He desires to convey, He shows them through dreams.

The first three ways, by which the message comes is stated clearly in the Quran in the verse 42:51

 It is not fitting for a man that Allah should speak to him by inspiration or from behind a veil or by the sending of a Messages to reveal, with Allah s permission, what Allah wills for He is the most High, the most Wise  

(Al Quran 42: 51)

 Of the four ways, the first two ways are, for the prophet alone. Since the Prophet Mohammed (Sal) was the last Prophet, nobody after him would get messages through the first two ways.

 The verses 4:79, 4:170, 7: 158, 9:33, 10:57, 10:108, 14: 52, 21:107, 22:49, 25:1, 23:40, 34:28, and 62:3 prove that Prophet Mohammed (Sal) is the last Prophet.

 There are also evidence in Hadith that no Prophet or Messenger is to come after Prophet Mohammed (Sal).

 The Israelits were guided by their Prophet when one Prophet dies another will replace him.Surely there is no Prophet after me. Only the caliphs will evolve. They will be more in numbering Said the Prphet. 

 Narrator : Abu Huraira(Ral)


The Prophet said, Messengers and Prophet has got completed. Therefore there will be no Prophet after me. There will be no Apostle too. This message worried people. Thereupon the Prophet (Sal) said, Yet, conveying of glad tidings is there. When his disciples asked him, What is meant by conveying of glad tidings he replaced. The (good) dreams of a faithful belives  

 Narrator: Ahmed bin Malik(Ral) ,


 The third type, that is , the inspiration may occur even to the people of that contemporary period, other than Prophets.

 The vesrse 5:111 says that such type of inspiration (When) came to Prophet Isa (alais) s diciples.

 And beheld! I inspired the diciple to have faith in Me and Mine Messenger, they said, W have faith and do thou bear witness that we bow to Allah as Muslmis  

(Al Quran 5:111)

 Allah says is the verses 16: 68-69 that He sent such inspiration (when) to bees.

 And thy Lord taught the Bee to behind its cells in hills, on trees and in (men s) habitations; Then to eat of all the produce (of the earth) and follow the ways of thy Lord made smooth: there issues from within their bodies a drink of varging colours, where in is healing for men; Verity is this is a Sigu for those who give thought  

(Al Quran 16: 68-69)

 In the verse 20:30, Allah says that He sent such inspiration to Prophet Musa s (alai) mother.

 Behold! We sent to thy mother, by inspiration the message  

(Al Quran 20: 38)

 In these verses when Allah mentions about the message He conveyed, He uses the word Wahi meaning Inspiration.

 We understand from these verses, that Allah inspires a few people sometimes, with messages unrelated to Islam. At the same time the conveying of messages through dreams has not ended up completely.

 The above cited hadith is a proof to it.

 Even if there is a way for man to receive messages from Allah either through inspiration or through dreams we should not think that it is the same that came to the Prophets.

 It is because Prophet could receive through dreams messages in regard to beliefs and their concepts;

Islamic laws and so on. Even through inspiration Prophet would receive messages in regard to Islamic principles and their explanations. Messengers have come to them in such way.

 This type of messengers from Allah will never reach anybody by any means. They were only for the Prophets. It is because, the divine laws, beliefs, concepts, every thing got completed during the life time of Prophet Mohammed (Sal) itself.

 This day I perfected your religion for you, completed my favour upon you, and have chosen for your Islam as your religion. 

(Al Quran: 5:3)

 When it is mentioned that the religion of Islam has got completed, it means that no extra belif or concept or divine law or any form of worship will evolve after that.

 So no messages like, Pray these many Rakats, Fast this day! Fill in this box something as offering! Will come from Allah either through dreams or through inspiration. Allah has already conveyed all this through inspiration.Allah has already conveyed all this through our Prophet (Sal). The Prophet (Sal) has also finished explaining all this to us, in the way it should be explained. It has been preserved by Allah and has reached us too.

 When anybody belives that, I have got a message in my dream, asking to do such and such thing it means he considers that Islam has not been completed by the Prophet (Sal).

 Even of one dreams such a thing, he must only think that it is a mischief played by the Satan and he must not belive that Allah has ordered him through dream.

 If through dreams no belif or Islamic Principles be conveyed, then what does it mean by Good dreams are one of the 46 pasts of the prophetess.

 We must learn this also, in detail.

 The messages that came from Allah to the Prophets consited of two factors.

 # Islamic beliefs and concepts, forms of worships and divine laws This is the first type.

 # Predicting in advance the things, that are going to accur in future This is the secod type.

 Since the religion got completed during the Prophet s (Sal) life time itself, the coming of messages through the first type is stopped.The message in regard to the divine laws will never come to anybody, till the existence of this world.

 But in regard to the second type there are two types of predictions. At one hand, Allah predicts through this Message,that what will happen to an individual. But this has no connection with the religion.

 Of these two types of predictions, the prediction related to the religion is stopped. The verse which says that the religion has been completed is sufficient for its proof.

 The changes that are going to occur, before the end of this world and the signs of the dooms day have been predicted to Prophet (Sal) during his life time itself. It has reached as too.

 One who is poor today, can become wealthy the next day. One who has no child since years can have a child soon. These messges have no connection with the religion. It is only related to an individual. Allah conveys through dream some of these messages to whom He wills this source is not ended up completetly. There upon the concept Good dreams are one of the 46 parts of the Prophet means only this.

 We don t say this out of our own imagination. The Prophet(Sal) has himself explain this to us clearly.

 I heard Allah s Apostle saying, Nothing is left of the Prophetism except Al- Muhashirat. They asked, What are Al Mubashirat? He replied, The true good dreams(that convey glad tidings)  

 Narrator: Abu Hurairah (Ral)


 The Prophet said, Messengership and Prophet has got completed. There fore there will be no Prophet after me. There will be no Apostle too. This message worried people. Thereupon the Prophet(Sal) said, Yet, conveying of glad tidings is there When his disciples asked him, What is meant by conveying of glad tidings ? He replied The (good) dreams of a faithfull belives  

 Narrator: Anas bin Malik (Ral)


 We understand that the above cited hadith consists of the concept that the messages that come from Allah are of two types of them except for conveying the good news, the other one is stopped; and that good news will reach man through dreams.

 If we understand this even more clearly, we may save ourselves from being misguided by our dreams.

 For instance if one says that in his dream someone asked him to pray these many Rakats on this night, then surely this dream is not from Allah s side. It is because, Allah has already shown us through the Prophet (Sal) that we must pray this much on this night. The Prophet (Sal) has not missed anything that Allah has to now show us through dream.

 More ever, if it is from Allah s side, it must have been told in every muslim s dream. Everyone is equal in regard to worship. If Allah shows in dream a good deed regarding Islam, to only one person leaving the others, then it is contray to His Justice.

 If anyone is instructed in his dream, In that place such and such saint is burried and so build a tomb (dargah) for him, then that dream has also come from Satan.

 It is because the Prophet (Sal) has prevented us from constructing tombs on the graves of the dead, making the graves places of worship by erecting buildings over it and from polishing the tombs Allah had already inspired the Prophet (Sal) to demolish those constructions of tombs.

 Since Allah will not convey anything contrary to that message we can very well make out that it is only the work of Satan.

 # as if permitting what Allah and His Prophet (Sal) has prohibited.

 # or as if preventing what has been permitted.

 # as if teaching us the forms of worship.

Anyone who dreams such dreams must understand that it is surely the work of Satan.

 If through dream no divine law would evolve then you may doubt how could have Prophet Ibrahim (alai) received the order of sacrificing his Son through dream.

 The doubt is useless. It is because; only the prophet of Allah could receive the divine laws from Allah s side. These types of messages could reach them through dreams or even through the other three ways.

Satan will never intervene in the dreams of the prophet of Allah. Therefore order that they received would only be the orders of Allah. Ibrahim(alai) also understood it only in that way.

 Then when (the son) reached (the age of serious) work with him, he said, O my son! I have seen in a dream, that I offer thee in sacrifice: Now see what in they view? (The son) said: O my father! Do as thou art commanded: thou will find me, if Allah so wills one o the steadfast. So when they had both submitted (to Allah) and he had laid him prostrate on his forehead (for sacrifice). We called out to him, O Abraham! Thou hast already fulfilled the dream! thus indeed do we reward those who do right.  

(Al Quran 37:102,103,104,105 )

 Allah assures that the dream was him own message by saying. O Abraham! Thou hast already fulfilled the dream! Thus indeed d we reward those who do right

 If we suppose that the prophet too could get dreams form Satan, then they had an opportunity of getting messages form Allah by three means. Therefore, they could understand the status of their drams by those three ways. But others don t have this opportunity.

 If Good Dream Is Dreamt...

If our dream is in the form of conveying glad tidings, we should understand that Allah is predicting in advance, the good deed that is going to occur.

(We have explained to you in the chapter The Results of Dreams how to elucidate dreams)

Islam has taught us how to react to wards good dreams that we see.

Prophet Yusuf (alai) said to his father that he dreamt the sun and mean prostrating him Then his father prophet yaqub (alai) advised him as follows,

 Said ( the father), My (dear) little son! Relate not they to brothers, lest they concoct a plot against thee for Satan is t man an avowed enemy!

It is stated clearly in many places in the chapter of Yusuf that the brothers of prophet yusuf (alai) themselves were his enemies.

It is understood from the above verse, if we dream something good happening to us or we dream we are being rescued from evil, we must not reveal it to anybody except those who are intimate to us.

 The prophet (sal) too, has explained this to us clearly.

 The prophet said, If anyone of you sees a dream that he likes, then it is from Allah, and he should thank Allah for it and narrate it to others 

 narrator: abu sa-eed Al Qudri(ral)


The prophet said, A good dream is form Allah, so if anyone of you saw a dream which he liked, he should not tell it anybody except to the one whom he likes.

Narrator: Abu katada(ral)


 The prophet said, If anyone sees a dream that he likes, let hem narrate it to others is he likes.  

narrator: Abu Huraira(ral)


It is understood from these hadith, if anyone sees a good dream, he must praise Allah for that. And if he likes he can but reveal it only to those dearer to him.

If we see bad drams...

 There are a few who worry after seeing a bad dream. They will lose their peace in search of some atonement to it to get rid of the evils of that bad dream.

The prophet (sal) has also thought us how to react towards the bad dreams that we see..

 I heard the prophet saying, A good dream is from Allah, and a bad dream is from Satan.

so if anyone of you sees (in a dream) some thing he dislikes, when he gets up he should blow thrice ( on his left side) and seek refuge with Allah from it evil for then it will not harm him.  

narrator: Abu kadada(ral)


 The prophet said, A good dream is from Allah, and a bad or evil dream is  From Satan, so if anyone of you has a bad dream of which he gets afraid, he should spit on his left side and should seek refuge with Allah from its evil, for then it will not harm him.  

Narrator:Abu kadada(ral)


 If one sees a bad dream, let him wake up and pray. let him not narrate if to people, said the prophet 

narrator: Abu Huraira


 Those who see bad dream must pray Allah saying, O Allah! Protect me from this evil and also from the evils caused by the Satan.

 Must spit thrice on the left side.

 If you wake up suddenly from a bad dream, you must pray as much as you can.

 You must not reveal bad dreams either to your friend or to your foes.

We can learn about these matters from the above mentioned hadith.

 The dreams which cause a kind of terror or worries in us, by seeing it, are said to be bad dreams.

Provided, we see some meaningless dreams. They are also bad dreams. The prophet (sal) has explained to us even about those dreams

 A person came to Allah s Apostle (peace be upon him) and said: Allah s messenger, I have seen in the state of sleep as if my head had been cut off. Thereupon Allah s Apostle (peace be upon him) laughed and said: when the Satan plays with anyone of you in the state of sleep, do not mention it to the people.  

Narrator: Jabir Ibn Abdullah (ral)

The prophet (sal) has said in his speech, If the Satan plays in anybody s dream, don t narrate it anybody.  

Narrator: Jabir (ral)


Claiming to have Seen an Undreamt Dream

If anyone claims to have dreamt something its knowledge is only with Allah. Other will not know about his dream unless reveals it to them.

There is no evidence by which we can prove that truly such and such person has had a dream. Believing first, the statement of one who has dreamt, do then we believe in his dream.

In case we speak about, people may ask us evidence. But when one says that he has dreamt something, nobody shall ask him for evidence.

 Taking advantage of this situation, people may claim to have seen what they did not see at all. To avoid people lying without hesitation, the prophet (sal) has declared this lie, a great crime.

 Allah s Apostle said, Varity, one of the worst lies is to claim falsely to be the son of someone, other than one s real father, or to claim to have had a dream one has not had, or to attribute to me what I have not said.  

 Narrator: Wathula bin Al Aqsa(ral)


 The prophet said, whoever claims to have seen a dream which he did not see, will be ordered to make a knot between two barley grains which he will not be able to do.  

Narrator: Ibn Abbas(ral)


 Since the barley grains are slippery, no body can fasten two grains together. If anyone lies in the matter of dream, Allah will force him to do this action. This warning is suffice to those who lie in the matter of dream.

 Seeing Proghet (sal) in Dream

The muslims who have not seen the prophet (sal) show curiosity in knowing, how will his appearance be. This is quite natural.

 Those with less knowledge of Islam think that the sign of one becoming a saint is to see the prophet (sal) in dream.

 Taking this an advantage a few forgers deceive people saying that they have seen the prophet (sal) in dream. This they do to obtain from the people, the degree of a saint.

Pusire wrote Burdah , the theme of which is contrary to that of the Quran and the Hadith. In his poem, he has stated that the prophet (sal) appeared in his dream and inspired him the next lines of the verse when he got sturck while writing. we see that this fabricated poem Burdah has been made sacred. They have made us believe that the recitation of this poem will help us in getting rid of the diseases and in fulfilling our desires. The false statement that the prophet (sal) himself has inspired a few lines of the verse is the only reason for this we also see, how admired the poet pusiri is while he has no knowledge of Islam.

 The seerapuranam is nothing but the result of the exaggerated and the invented stories of Burdah exploiting the name of the prophet(sal) those having even a little knowledge of the quran and the hadith will make out that the seerapuranam is nothing but a woven story.

 Those with less knowledge of Islam exaggerate that the prophet (sal) appeared in the dream of Omar poet. They have even accepted this legend as the prophet s inspiration.

 There are a few forgers who mislead people in the name of mureed . Even these forgers trap people only by saying that they have seen the prophet (sal) in their dream.

 Therefore, it is essential for us to know whether we can see the prophet (sal) in dream.

 whoever sees me in a dream then surely he has seen me for Stan can not impersonate me.  

Narrator:abu Huraira


 It is only based on this hadith that a few argue that they can see the prophet (sal) in dream.

 They heard the prophet saying, Whoever sees me in a dream will see me in his wakefulness.

This hadith says if anyone during the life-time of the prophet (sal) sees him in his dream, then surely he will get an opportunity to see him directly.

 Today if anyone says that he has seen the prophet (sal) in his dream, then surely he must see him directly in his wakefulness. If he has not seen him face to face, it is certain then he has not seen him in his dream too.

 Therefore after the life time of the prophet (sal) no person or saint can see him in his dream.

 The second cited hadith does not give room to their lie.

A few may have a doubt at this juncture. It s our duty to elucidate it.

Lets take for instance, one appears in one s dream and says, I am the prophet Mohammed here we may doubt, why can not the people consider him as prophet (sal) himself, when the Hadith assures that the Sata will not impersonate the prophet (sal).

Even if a person sees someone in his dream saying I am the prophet (sal) , he is not actually the prophet (sal). It should be understood that the Satan has used his name. That hadith only assures that the Saten will not impersonate the prophet (sal). But it does not say that the satan will not take his own form and say that he is only the prophet (sal).

 The prophet (sal) has said that the Satan will not impersonate him. If one wants to decide whether the person who appeared in his dream was the prophet (sal) or not, he must have seen the prophet (sal) face to face in reality.

 In what form he saw face to face, the same form just have appeared in his dream, only then he could recognize him as the prophet (sal) or not.

 One who has not seen the appearance of the prophet (sal) can not recognize it at all. The Satan is only prevented from impersonating the prophet (sal) but in no hadith it is said, that he will not appear in any other form and say he is the prophet.

 After the life time of the prophet (sal) if it is said, such and such pious man or such and saint has seen the prophet (sal) in his dream then we should understand that it is a purely fabricated story or in other words, the Satan has deceived him using the name of the prophet(sal).

 Nobody has rights to appear in dream

 If anyone appears in our dream, we must not consider that he has truly come in our dream. If he speaks anything, we must not consider that he has truly spoken to us. We only understand that Allah is showing us such scenes.

 When we see the dead in our dreams, many think that they themselves have come. This believe is continued because, they can not enquire and know from the dead. By seeing the alive people in our dream, we can understand that, that believe is wrong.

 Let s take for instance; we have seen a person who is alive in this world. Let it be that, after seeing him in our dream, we meet him in the morning. Then does that person ask, Didn t I come in your dream last night? nay, he never asks like that.

 That he appeared in our dream is known only to us. He too will never know it.

He will know it only when we say, I saw you in dream.

 We would have dreamt him speaking about many matters. In case we ask him, repeat the same advice that you gave us yesterday in our dream, he can not repeat it. Instead his reply will be, how will I know what advice I gave you in dream?

Therefore, when we see a person in dream, we must not consider that he has truly come. What all he spoke to us must not be considered as his words. There is no relation between him and our dreams.

 Allah might have conveyed us some message by showing him to us. Otherwise it must be understood that the satan might have taken his form and created bad dreams.

Moreover, thousands of people can see at the same time, the same person who is alive. It must not be understood that he had gone to thousand places and appeared to them.

We cover a person s picture in a video tape and show it to others. Same is the case with what we see in our dream.

When we watch one s video, we shall never consider that the person appearing on the TV is also watching us. Even the person on the will not know who all are watching him. The dream scene is also invariably the same.

No one can ask anyone shall I come in your dream tomorrow? from this we come to know that one who appears in our dream doesn t decide himself to appear in our dream.

 Dreams-Their Result

 If Good dreams mean good message, then how should we understand them? How should we understand the elucidation of our dreams? Many have doubt regarding this.

 Many have written books the topic Dreams and their Result they are all based on the believe that ipnu seerin had full knowledge about the elucidation of dreams. But all these are invented stories.

 There is no evidence either in the quran or the hadith which says, such and such dream will result in such thing.

We need not lose our peace believing the false utterances of some forgerers who say, such thing will occur if one sees an elephant and such and such thing will occur if one sees a cat and so on..

 If Allah is to convey us a good message through good dreams, He will convey it in such a way that, we ourselves shall understand its elucidation.

 . And none (O man!) can inform you like him who All-Aware is.  


Therefore, Allah who desires to convey a good message t us will not leave us in the lurch, by conveying it abruptly. He will not even leave us in the dark to hear the false utterances of the forgerers.

Hence, we need not ask anyone the explanation of the dreams, that we see when it is felt by us that it wants to convey us such and such message, then it must be decided that, that only is its elucidation.

 In the Quran and Hadith, many dreams and their explanation are cited. Its keen observation will help us decide what will be the result of our dream.

 Generally those who elucidate the results of the dream give a topsy-turvy explanation, so as to say, If marriage is seen, funereal will occur and if funeral is seen marriage will occur. But what we saw would only be its elucidation or sometimes something closer to it. It will never be contrary to it.

 We can understand this fact through the dreams cited in the Quran and Hadith.

 Some Dreams Cited in the Quran and Hadith

The prophet Ysuf s (alai) dream

 In the 4th verse of the 12th chapter, Allah states the dream dreamt by the prophet Yusuf(alai)

 Behold, Joseph said to him: O my father! I did see eleven stars and the sun and the moon I saw them prostrate themselves to me!  

(All Quran:12-4)

 Allah has elucidated the result of this dream in the 100th verse of the same chapter. And he raised his parent high on the throne and they fell down isn prostration,(All) before him. He said: O my father! this is the fulfillment of my vision of old! Allah hath made it come true! He was indeed good to me when he took me out of prison and brought you (all here) out of the desert,(even) after satan had sown enmity between me and my brothers. Verily my lord is Gracious to whom he wills for verily he is full of knowledge and wisdom.  

(Al quran:12-100)

 By showing that the sun, the moon and the eleven stars prostrating the prophet Yusuf (alai) Allah clearly stated that the prophet yusuf(alai) will become a ruler in future and that the position will be such that his parents will have to live under his rule, and that his brothers will have to obey him.

 That is to say, as was the dream, so was the result.

 The Dream Of Two prisoners

Two other prisoners were also imprisoned along with the prophet Ysuf(alai). The two prisoners dreamt two different dreams and asked the prophet its elucidation.

 Now with him there came into the prison two young men said one of them: I see myself (in a dream) pressing wine. Said the other: I see myself (in a dream) carrying bread on my head, and bird are eating there of . tell us (they said) the truth and meaning there of: for we see thou art one that doth . Good (to all) (Al Quran:12-36)

 The Quran also cites the elucidation given by the prophet yusuf(alai)

 O my two companions of the prison! As to one of you, he will pour out the wine for his lord to drink: as for the others, he will hang from the cross, and the birds will eat from off his head. (so) hath been decreed that matter where of ye twain do enquire   

(Al Quran: 12-41)

 The prophet Yusuf (alai) explained that the one who dreamt the birds eating away the bread while carrying on his head. Will attain the death sentence. That his daily bread has come to an end was shown by Allah through the bird eating there of. The result of it was also the same.

 He also said, let him who dreamt as pressing wine. Wine press wine and praise his master as he dreamt.

 The result was the same as what these both saw in the dream. It is not that we too can go and ask others, the elucidation of dreams as the two prisoners asked the prophet yusuf (alai) its elucidation. Since the prophet s was receiving message from Allah they could clearly explain its results.

 There is no evidence to prove that you can ask one who is not a prophet, the result of a dream.

 The King s Dream

The dream that was seen by the king who live in Egypt during the prophet yusuf(alai) period and its elucidation given by the prophet yusuf(alai) is illustrated in the Quran in the verses 43 to 49 the 12th chapter.

 The king (of Egypt) said: I do see (in vision) seven fat kine, whom seven lean ones devour and seven green ears of corn and seven ( others) withered.

O ye chiefs! Expound to me my vision if it be that ye can interpret visions.

 They said: A confused medley of dreams and we are not skilled in the interpretation of dreams.

 But the man who had been released, one of the two (who had been in prison)

And who now remembered him after (so long) a space of time said: I will tell you the truth of its interpretation: send ye me (therefore).

 O Joseph! he said O man of truth expound to us (the dream) of seven fat kine whom seven lean ones devour, and of seven green ears of corn and (seven) others withered: that I may return to the people, and that they may know.

 (joseph) said: for seven shall ye diligently sow as is your wont: and the harvests that ye reap, ye shall leave them in the ear, except a little of which ye shall eat.

 Then will come after that (period) seven dreadful (years) which devour what ye shall have laid by in advance for them-(all) except a little which ye shall have (specially) guarded.

 Then will come after that (period) a year in which the people will have abundant water, and in which they press(wine and oil).  

All Quran 12: 43-49)

 Seven lean cows = seven dreadful years

 Seven fat cows = seven prosperous years

Seven lean cows devouring seven fat cows = seven dreadful years devouring what Is laid by in advance for them, except a little that was specially guarded.

Thus the result was suitable to the dream.

 The prophet(sal) dreaming as performing Haj

The prophet (sal) was expatriated from his nature place. Yet in his dream Allah showed him as if he had entered Mecca and fulfilled the Haj that is obligatory. If was fulfilled as it was shown.

 Truly did Allah fulfill the vision for his massager? Ya shall enter the sacred mosque, if Allah wills, with minds secure, heads slaved, hair cut short and without fear. For he knew what ye knew not, and he guarded besides this a speedy victory.  

(Al Qurab: 48:27)

 Seeing in dream the defeat of the Enemies

In the battle of Badr, the no:of the Muslims ware lesser then the no: of enemies. But in the prophet s (sal) dream, the no: of enemies was shown lesser than the no: of the Muslims. Through this Allah had predicted that the victory was only to Muslim.

 Remember in they dream Allah showed them to thee as few: if he had shown them to thee as many, ye would surely have disputed in (your) decision: but Allah saved (you): for he knoweth well the (secrets) of (all) hearts.

The Dream about Lailathul Qadr

The prophet (sal) dreamt as if it was raining on the night of the lailathul khadr and as its result, he was prostrating on the damp and muddy floor. Similarly, the following day, it rained as he dreamt and he prostrated on the damp clay. The result was the same as he dreamt.

We can see this in the Buhari hadith 813,2016,2018,2027, and 2040.

 Seeing Isa(alai) in Dream

In his dream the prophet (sal) dreamt as if he was doing tawaf to the kabah.

In the same dream he saw the prophet Isa(alai) and Dajjal. He has clearly described us their appearances.

 This is recorded in the Buhari hadith3441, 3440,5902,6999,7026 and 7128.

 The appearance of the prophet Isa (alai) and Dajjal was as same as how the prophet had seen them in his dream.

 Seeing Shirt Of Different Sizes

 Allah s Apostle said, while I was sleeping, some people were displayed before me (in dream) they were wearing shirts, some of which were merely covering their breasts, and some a bit longer. Then there passed before me Umar bin al-khattab wearing a shirt. He was dragging it (on the ground behind him) they (the people) asked, what have you interpreted (about the dream), O Allah s Apostle? he said, The Religion.  


 The elucidation given by the prophet (sal) about the dream was that, those with longer shirt had more spitit of Islam and that those with lesser spirit of Isalm wore shirts accordingly.

 Dreaming As If Drinking Milk

 I heard Allah s apostle saying, while I was sleeping, I saw that a cup full of milk was brought to me and I drank of it and gave the remaining of it to Umar bin al-khattab They asked, what have you interpreted ( about the dream), O Allah s Apostle? The prophet said, (It is religious) knowledge  

 Narratot: Abdullah bin Umar


 Seeing false prophets in the Dream

The prophet (sal), in his dream, saw two gold bangles on his hands. He felt it a burden to him and it worried him and then he was inspired divinely in the dream that he should blow on them. So he blew on them and both the bangles flew away. He interpreted it that two liars, who would claim to be prophet would appear after him in two parts called san aa and yemen. 

The two bangles flying away symbolize their defeat. 

 (Buhar: 3621, 4375, 7034, 7037)

 Seeing Umar s (ral) Place

In his dream, the prophet (sal)saw In the paradise the palace built for Unar(ral). He then revealed this dream to Umar (ral) 

 (Buhari: 3243,3680,5227,7023,7025.)

 He also saw in his dream, the palace of Umar, bilal and Ar rumaisa 

 (Buhar: 3679.)

 Dream About Hijrath

The prophet (sal) dreamt that he was migrating from Mecca to a land where there were date palm trees. He thought that it might be the land of Al-yamana or Hajer, but it turned out to be yathrib (i.e )Madina. 


 Seeing the Broken Sword

 The prophet (sal) said that he saw in his dream that he moved a sword and its blade got broken, and that symbolized the causalities which the believers suffered on the day of Uhud. Then he moved it again, and it became as perfect as it had been, and that symbolized the conquest (of Mecca) which Allah helped them ht achieve, and the union of all the believers. 



 The prophet (sal) dreamt some of his followers being presented before him as fighters in Allah s cause (on board a ship) amidst the sea. He said that Umm-Haram was also among them. 


 Seeing his wife before the marriage

 The prophet (sal) was shown Ayesha (ral) in dream, before the marriage itself. When he was shown this dream, he said that that would be done if that was from Alllah.  


 Seeing a women with unkempt hair

 When a dreadful disease broke out in medium the prophet (sal) dreamt, a black women with unkempt hair going out of medium and setting in mahai a .

 He interpreted that it was a symbol of the epidemic of Medina being transferred to Mahai a namely Al Juhfa. Buhar:

 There are several other hadith like this.

 Some more dreams

 Dream as if drawing buckets of water (form a well)


 Hadiths stating about the dream of honey and ghee are recorded in Buhari 7044.

 Dream about fresh dates can be seen in muslim hadith 4215.

 On observing keenly we understand that certain dreams fulfilled as it was shown and certain resulted in something closer to it in meaning.

 Moreover if we dream the same dream of the prophet (sal) we can not decide that the same result will occur to us.

 The result will be according to the period and the problems that are faced by the one who dreams.

 Seeing a woman with unkempt hair, the prophet (sal) understood it as the dreadful disease when there is no dreadful disease.

 When one who dreams contemplates well he will get the meaning of his dream.

 If we are able to elucidate it we should just ignore it. If there is some message in it for us Allah will surely show it through another dream.

 Will line by line come true?

Even if we have understood the elucidation o four dreams we an not expect it to occur step by step. Something closer to it can occur, instead of what we have understood.

 The prophet yusuf (alai) dreamt as eleven stars prostrating him. His eleven brothers obeyed him accordingly. In his dream, he also saw the sun and moon prostrating him. If this had to be fulfilled, then the prophet yusuf s(alai) mother and father should have to prostrate him. But the verse 12:100 says that prophet yusuf enthroned his parents and prostrated them. only a part of his dream occurred true.

 The prophet(sal) dreamt as emigrating to place. The prophet (sal) assumed it to be Yamama but in fact he emigrated to medina . Thereupon it is understood the dreams need not necessarily come true wholly.

 Of the several dreams we see, the dreams which we could elucidate may occur as it is.

 Sometimes only a part of a certain dreams may come true.

 To understand about dream properly and gain the merits of this world and the eternal world (Akirah) let s pray the Almighty Allah for his grace..Ameen!

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