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25. AL FURQAN - The criterion

மொழியாக்கம் - ஆங்கிலம்
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Book No. 9

Chapter 25  

Al Furqan- The criterion

Total verses 77

This chapter is named ‘ Al Furqan ‘ because in the first verse of this chapter it is mentioned as Al Furqan.

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent and the most Merciful.

1 Blessed is He, who revealed on His servants the criterion (Distingushing the lie from the truth), as a warning for the people of the worlds.

2. The power of the heavens507 and the earth belongs only to Him. He has not taken a son. There is no partner in the authority. He has created everything. He formed it with a plan.

3. They have taken gods besides Him. They will not create anything. They are only created. They will not be able to cause any harm or good to themselves. They do not have the power to live or die, (then) rise (alive).

4. And those who disbelieve (in only one god) say, “ This is nothing but a lie. He has himself invented this. Other people have also helped him in this.” They have brought only injustice and sin. 227

5. And also they say, “ This is a tale of the  fore-fathers. He has made it written.152 & 312 It is read to him in the morning  and in the evening.” 142

6. And say, “ He who knows the secrets in the heavens507 and on the earth only revealed that.” Indeed, He is the Forgiving and the most Merciful.

7. And (they) ask, “ What happened to this messenger? He eats food and walks in the streets of the market. Should not there be an angel sent along with him and he be not a warner (together) with him?”

8. And also the unjust ask.” Or, should he not be given a treasure?. Or should he not have a garden from which he eats ? And you follow only the man who was charmed.”

9. (O Muhammad), how they give examples about you. They have gone astray. They cannot get the (right) way.

10. He is Blessed. If He wants He will make gardens for you which are better than this. Beneath them rivers flow. He will make palaces for you.

11. Yet, they consider that Time 1a lie. We have prepared hell for those who considered that Time 1 a lie.

12.Even when the hell sees them from a faraway place, they will hear its turbulence and roar.

13. And when they are chained and thrown into a narrow place, there they will call for destruction.

14. Do not call for a single destruction. Call for many more destructions.

15. Ask, “ Is it better or the permanent paradise promised to those who fear (God)? That will remain as their reward and the place of rest.

16. For them, whatever they want will be there. (They will) remain there permanently. This is the promise from your God, which will be fulfilled.

17. And on the Day 1, He gathers them and those they have worshiped besides Allah. He will ask, “ Were you (the people) who misled my servants, or they themselves went astray?”

18. They will say, “ you are Pure 10 (from all  weaknesses). It does not become us to make close friends except You. You gave them and their fore-fathers facilities. They forgot to remember (You). They have become a people who will be ruined.”

19. They considered what you say a lie. It is not possible for you either to prevent or help. We will make the unjust, taste a great suffering.

20. And ( O Muhammad ) We did not send before you messengers, except that they ate food and walked on the streets of the market. We made some of you a test484 for some others, in order to (test) – whether you still follow patience. Your God is ever Seeing.

            Part 19

21. And those who do not believe Our meeting say, “ Should not the angels be sent down to us? Or, should we not see our God face to face? They take pride in themselves. They have transgressed to a great extent. 21

22. The day 153 in which they see the angels, there will not be any good news for the criminals. They will say, “ (All the opportunities) are completely blocked.”

23. And We will observe the deeds they have done and make them scattered-dust.

24. On that day, the people of paradise will be in the beautiful homes and better resting places.

25. And (that) is a Day ,1 when the heavens507 will be split and the angels will be sent down assuredly.

26. On that Day 1, the true rule belongs to the most Beneficent. That will be a difficult day for the disbelievers ( of Him )

27. And on that Day,  1  the unjust bites his  hands (become sad) and will say, “ I should have made a contact with this messenger.              ‘

28. Should I not have remained without making him my close friend?.

29. He will also say, “  He has led me astray from it even after the teaching has come to me. Shaitan is ever betraying the human being”.

30. And the messenger will say , “ My God , Indeed, my people have made this Quran a neglected one”.

31. And (O Muhammad), thus, We made enemy for every messenger from among the criminals. Your God is sufficient to show the way (Guide) and to help.

32. And those who disbelieve (Us) say , “ should not the Quran be revealed on him completely?”. (O Muhammad) thus, We revealed this gradually in order to strengthen your mind447.

33. And ( O Muhammad), whatever example they state (give), We will bring you true and the best explanation (better than that).

34. Those who have been taken to hell on their faces, will be dwellers (residents) in the worst place and misguided from the right way.

35. And we revealed the book to Musa. We sent his brother Harun as his assistant with him.

36. And We said, “Both go to the people who considered Our verses lies.” We destroyed those people completely.

37. And We drowned the people of Nuh, when they considered Our messengers liars. We made them a lesson for the human-beings. For the unjust We have prepared painful suffering.

38. And (We destroyed completely), the people of Aad and Tamud, the people of a ruined well and many generations between them.

39. And for every one We gave teachings. We destroyed each ( One of them ) completely.

40. And these people passed by this place, where the bad rain was showered. Do not they see it? Rather, they remain disbelieving about their being raised alive again.

41. And when they see you, they consider you with mockery, asking, “ Has Allah sent only him as a messenger?”

42. (They say), “ If we had not been steadfast  in our gods, he would have turned us from them. They will know, who is the misguided, when they see the suffering.

43. Did you see the one who imagined his desire as God? Will you be his guardian?

44. Do you think that the majority of them hear or understand? They are nothing but like cattle. No, they are ( more than ) misguided.

45. Do you not know how your God extends the shadow? If He had wanted then, He would have made it stationary. We made the sun as a proof.

46. And it is He who sends the wind in order to convey good news before His mercy. We sent down pure water from the heaven.

49. ( We sent down rain ), in order that  I should  give life to the place with that, for the cattle created by Us, for a large number of people and to give it as a drink.

50. And indeed, We explained to them, in order that they may get good sense. Most of the people are only disbelievers ( of Us ).

51. And if We had wanted then We would have sent warners to every place.

52. So, do not obey the disbelievers ( of only one God ). You fight with this ( Quran ) severely.

53. It is He who joined the two seas. It is sweet and quenches the thirst. That ( The other one ) is salty and bitter. He has made a veil and a strong barrier.305

54. And it is He who created the man from water. He made for him relationship by blood and relationship by marriage. Your God is ever powerful.

55. They worship except Allah those who cannot give any benefit or harm. The disbeliever ( Of only one God ) has been helping against his God.

56. And ( O Muhammad ), We have sent you only as an informer of good news and a warner.

57. And say, “ I have not asked for any reward from you except such of those who want to make a relationship with his God.”377

58. You rely only on the one who will not die and everliving. You exalt Him with you praises. He is sufficient to know well the sins of His servants.

59. It is only He who created the heavens,507 the earth and what ever is beween them in six days.179  Then, He sat511 on the Arsh. Ask the knowledgeable about the most Beneficent.

60. And when it is said to them, “ Do sajda to the most Beneficent” , they ask, “ what is that the most Beneficent? Should we do sajda to whom you order?” It has only increased hatred for them.

61. Blessed is the one, who placed stars in the heaven,507 placed a lamp in it and the light- reflecting the moon.

62. And It is He who made the night and the day one after another for the one who wants to learn a lesson and the one who wants to give thanks.

63. And the servants of the Most Beneficent will walk on the earth with humility. When they talk with the ignorant,  they will say ‘Salam’159 .

64. And they will spend the night doing ‘Sajda’ and standing (in prayer) for their God.

65. And they say, “Our God, you prevent this suffering of Hell from us. That suffering remains forever.

66. Indeed, that is the worst resting place and dwelling place.

67.And they will not waste while spending. They will  not be stingy. That will only be a moderate level.

68. And they will not pray any gods except Allah. They will not kill any life without proper reason, which has been forbidden by Allah. The one who does this, will  meet the suffering.

69. On the Day1 of Qiyamah the suffering will be multiplied  (many times). He will remain there permanently, humiliated.

70. Except those who repent, believe and do good deeds. He changes their evil deeds into good deeds. He is the Forgiving and the most Merciful.

71. And the one who repents do good deeds, indeed, turns towards Allah completely.

72. And they will not give false witness. When they pass by some vain things, they will pass by with dignity.

73. And they were reminded by their Allah’s verses, they will not fall upon them like deaf and blind.

74. And they say , “ Our God, You give us comfort to our mind from our life partners ( wives and husbands) and the offspring. You make us leaders for those fearing You”

75. They will be given palaces us they have endured patiently. They will be welcomed with the greetings of ‘Salam’159.

76. They will remain there permanently. That is a beautiful place of dwelling and the resting place.

77. Say, “ Had it not for your prayer, my God would not have allowed you to remain. You considered it a lie. Surely, (the punishment for this) will take place.

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