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31. LIQMAN (A Righteous Man)

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Book 10.

Chapter: 31

Luqman (A Righteous Man)

Total verses – 34

This chapter is named ‘Luqman’ because the verses 13 to 20 of this chapter, mentions the advice of Luqman, a righteous man, to his son.

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent and the most Merciful.

1. Alif, Lam, Meem.2

2. These are the verses of the wise Book.

3. (These are)right way and mercy for doers of good.

4. They will establish prayer. Also give zakat. Only they will believe in the hereafter firmly.

5. Only they are in the right way(received) from their God. Only they are the successful.

6. There are people without knowledge who purchase idle talks in order to mislead people from Allah’s way considering it a mockery. The humiliating suffering is only for them.

7. And when Our verses are recited to him, he turns away from them in pride and as if he has not heard and has (deafness) block in his ears. Warn that there is a painful suffering for him.

8. Indeed, for those who believe and do good deeds, there are gardens in the paradise filled with happiness.

9. They will remain there permanently. Allah’s promise is true. He is Almighty and the Wise.

10. He created the heavens507 without pillars which you can see 240.He placed pegs on the earth in order that it should not tilt you 248. He made every living thing to spread on it. We sent down water from the heaven. He made every valuable variety (of plants) to grow on it.

11. This is the creation of Allah. You show Me what those other than Him have created. Yet, the unjust are in clear error.

12. And We gave wisdom to luqman (saying),” Give thanks to Allah. Whoever gives thanks , he gives thanks only to himself. Whoever disbelieves(only one God),then indeed , Allah is free from need485 and Praiseworthy .”

13. And remind what he said, while Luqman was giving advice to his son, “My dear son, do not associate others to Allah. Indeed, associating others to Allah is a great injustice. ”

14. And We have enjoined on man about his parents. His mother carried him, in weakness upon weakness. Her suckling period is two years314.

Give thanks to Me and your parents. (Your) return is only to Me.

15. If both of them compel you to associate a thing to Me, about which you have no knowledge, do not obey them. You be affectionate with them in a kind manner in this world. Follow the way of those who turned towards Me. Then your return is only to Me. I will inform you (about) what we have been doing.

16. My dear son, Allah will bring forth, indeed, even if it is of the size of a mustard-seed and even if it is inside a rock or in the heavens507 or on the earth. Indeed, Allah is Subtle and well Knowing.

17. My dear son, establish prayer, enjoin good, forbid wrong and be patient over whatever occurs to you. Indeed, that is a very certain matter.

18. And do not turn your face from the people. Do not walk with pride on the earth. Indeed, Allah will not like whoever prides and boasting.

19. (And he advised), “Be moderate while you walk. Lower your voice. Indeed, donkey’s noise is the most hateful of the noises.”

20. Do you not see, Allah has made useful for you, whatever in the heavens507 and on the earth and has given His bounty generously, openly and secretly? There are also among the people who argue, without knowledge, without the right way and without the enlightening Book.

21. And when it is said to them, “Follow what Allah has revealed” (they) say, “We will follow only that in which we saw our forefathers.” Even if Shaitan called them towards the suffering of hell?

22. And whoever turns his face towards Allah, while he has done good, has held a strong rope. The end of the things is only with Allah.

23. And let not the disbelief of the disbelievers (of Us) immerse you into grief. Their return is only to Us. We will inform them what they have done. Indeed, Allah is knowing of what is in the minds.

24. We will let them enjoy for a short period. Then, (We) will push them into a severe suffering.

25. And if you ask them, “Who created the heavens507 and the earth?” they will say, “Allah.” Say, “All praise be only to Allah.” Yet most of them do not know.

26. And whatever is in the heavens507 and on the earth belongs only to Allah. Indeed, Allah is free of need,485 Praiseworthy.

27. Even if all the trees on the earth were pens and seven more seas supplemented with the (existing) sea (as ink) Allah’s orders will never be exhausted155. Allah is the Almighty and the Wise.

28. Creating you and resurrecting a life is similar to (creating) a life. Indeed, Allah is Hearing and Seeing.

29. Do you not see, how Allah causes the night to enter into the day, the day into the night and keeps the Sun and the Moon under His control? Each will run until the fixed period of time241. Allah is Knowing of what you do.

30. Only Allah is truthful. The reason for this is that those they call besides Allah are falsehood and that Allah is the most High and the Great.

31. Do you not know that Allah, in order to show His signs to you makes the ships sail on the sea with His mercy? Indeed, there are many signs in it for the each patient and grateful.

32. And the waves cover them like roofs; they pray submitting their prayer with purity of minds to Him. When they are saved and put on the land, there are among them people who behave honestly. No one denies Our signs except the ungrateful conspirators.

33. O people, fear your God. Fear the Day1 on which neither a father can save his son nor a son can save is father. Allah’s promise is True. Indeed, let not this worldly life deceive you. Let not the deceiver deceive you about Allah.

34. Indeed, the knowledge about that Time1 is only with Allah. He sends down the rain. He knows what is in the womb. No person knows what he will earn tomorrow. No person knows where he will die. Indeed, Allah is well Knowing and Knowing minutely.

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