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மொழியாக்கம் - ஆங்கிலம்
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Chapter 26


Total Verses: 227

This chapter is named ‘Ash-Shura’, because verses 221 to 227 of this chapter, mention that the poets should not be the role-models and there are also good poets and bad poets among them.

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent and the most Merciful.

1. Ta, See, Meem2.

2. These are the verses of the clear Book.

3. It seems you will kill yourself as they have not believed.

4. If We think we will send down miracle from the heaven for them. Then their necks will bow down before that.

5. Then whatever new teaching came to them from the most Beneficent, that they did not remain without turning away.

6. They considered it to be a lie. Whatever they have been mocking at, the news about that, will reach them.

7.         Do they not see that we have produced in each valuable kind ever- so- many on the earth?

8.         Indeed, in it ,there is a sign. Most of them do not believe.

9.        And indeed, your God is Exalted and the most Merciful.

10.       11, 12. When your God called Musa, “You go to the people of Firaun who causes injustice.” Should they not fear? He (Musa) said, “My God, I fear that they will consider me a liar.26”

13.       And my mind will be depressed. My tongue will not move. So, send Harun as a messenger.

14.       (And also said), “There is an accusation of crime (of murder) against me; from them.375 So, I fear that they will kill me.”

15.       (God) said, “(It is) not so, both of you go with Our signs, We will be listening along with you.”

16.       , 17. Go to Firaun and say26, “We are the messengers of the God of the worlds. You send the children of Israel with us181.”

18.       He (Firaun) said, “Have we not brought you up when you were a child? You lived many years of your life time with us.”

19.       And he (Firaun) said, “Whatever deed you have done, you completed it. You are ungrateful.”

20.      He (Musa) said, “I did it when I was not on the right way.”

21.       (Musa said), “I ran away from you fearing you. Then, my God gave me wisdom and appointed me as one of the messengers.”

22.      And said, “You remind me of the favor done to me in order to enslave the children of Israel.181”

23.      Firaun asked, “What is (meant by) God of the worlds?”

24.      (Musa) said, “If you believe firmly, then He is the God of the heavens, the earth and whatever between them.”

25.      He asked those who surrounded him, “Do you hear (this)?”

26.      He (Musa) said, “He is your God and God of your forefathers.”

27.      He (Firaun) said, “Indeed, the messenger, who has been sent to you, is only mad.”

28.      (Musa) said, “If you will understand He is the God of the East, the West and whatever between them.”

29.      He (Firaun) said, “If you invent any other God besides me, I will imprison you.”

30.      He (Musa) asked, “Even if I bring you a clear sign?”

31.       He (Firaun) said, “If you are of the truthful then bring it.”

32.      He (Musa) threw his staff. At once it became a big serpent.

33.      And he drew his hand. It looked white (bright) to the observers.

34.      He (Firaun) said to the courtiers around him, “Indeed, he is a talented magician.”

35.      (Firaun also said), “He thinks that he will expel you from you place with his magic. What do you order?”

36.      ,37. (They said), “Give him and his brother some time. Send gatherers to all the places. They will bring you every talented magician.26

38.      The magicians were gathered on an appointed day, at the appointed time.

39.      , 40. And it was said to the people, “If the magicians win, will you gather (to join) us in following them?26”

41.       And when the magicians came, they asked Firaun, “Indeed, if we win will we get reward?”

42.      He said, “Yes. Indeed, then you will be nearer to me.”

43.      Musa said to them, “Throw whatever you are going to throw.”

44.      They threw their ropes and staff. They said, “On the promise of the honour of Firaun, indeed, we will be the winners.”

45.      At once, Musa threw his staff. It swallowed (up) whatever they did.

46.      The magicians fell in ‘Sajda’ (to God).

47.      , 48. (They) said, we believe in the God of Musa and Harun, who is the God of the worlds.26

49.      He said, “Have you believed him before I give you permission? Indeed, he is your master who taught you magic. You will know (the result of this). I will cut of your hands and feet on the opposite sides. I will crucify all of you.”

50.      They said, “No worry. Indeed, we will return to our God.”

51.       (Indeed, they said), “We want our God to forgive our sins as we have become the first among the believers.”

52.      And We informed Musa, “Lead my servants at night. You will be pursued (by the enemies).”

53.      Firaun sent gatherers to many places.

54.      And indeed, they were only a small group

55.      And indeed, they cause me anger.

56.      (Firaun said), “We will have to be cautious.”

57.      , 58. And We removed them from the gardens, the springs, the treasure and the valuable dwellings.26

59.      Thus, We made the children of Israel inheritors of those (things).

60.      They pursued them in the morning.

61.       And when the two groups saw each other face to face, the companions of Musa said, “Indeed, we will be caught.”

62.      He said, “(It is) not so. Indeed, my God is with me. He will show me the way.”

63.      We informed Musa, “Strike with your staff on the sea.”At once it parted. Each partition became a big mountain.

64.      And We made others also to approach there.

65.      And We rescued Musa and the others with him.

66.      Then We drowned the others.

67.      Indeed, there is a sign in it. Most of them are not believers

68.      Your God is Exalted and the most Merciful.

69.      Recite to them the story of Ibrahim.

70.      71. When he asked his father and his people, “What do you worship?” They said, “We worship idols. We are firm in worshiping them.26”

72.      73. He asked, “Do they hear when you call them? Or, do they do good or bad to you?26”

74.      They said, “We saw our forefathers doing thus.”

75.      76. 77. (Ibrahim said), “Did you observe, what you and your forefathers, who went before you, have been worshipping except the God of the worlds. They are my enemies.”26

78.      He only created me. He only shows me the right way.

79.      And He only gives me food. And makes me drink (water).

80.      And when I become sick, He only cures me.

81.       And He only makes me die. Then, He will give me life.

82.      And I want, “On the Day of Judgment1, He should forgive me my sins”

83.      My God, give me power. Join me in the company of the good.

84.      And make my name a place of honour among the people who come after.

85.      And you also make me one of the inheritors of the delightful paradise.

86.      And you forgive my father. Indeed, he has been astray.247

87.      And do not humiliate me on the Day1 of resurrection.

88.      89. On that Day1 neither the wealth nor the children will benefit except approaching God with pure mind.26

90.      And paradise will be brought near to those who fear (God).

91.       Hell will be displayed to the misguided.

92.      93. And it will be asked to them26 , “Where are those who have been worshipped by you besides Allah? Will they help you? Or, can they help you? Or, can they help themselves.”

94.      95. They, the misguided, all the armies of Iblis and will be thrown into the fire on their faces.26

96.      97. 98. There, they will say arguing, “When we made you equal to the God of the worlds, by the promise on Allah, we were indeed in a clear error.”

99.      And these sinners only misled us.

100.    There are no intercessors for us.

101.     And (there is) also no close friend.

102.    (They will say), “We would have been among the believers; if there had been a return to the world for us.”

103.    Indeed, there is a sign in it. Most of them do not believe.

104.    And indeed, your God is Exalted and the most Merciful.

105.    The people of ‘Nuh’ considered the messengers liars.

106.    Remind them, what their brother ‘Nuh’ told them, “Will you not fear (God)?”

107.    Indeed, I am a trustworthy messenger to you.

108.    So, fear Allah and obey me.

109.    I have not demanded any reward from you. My reward is only with the God of the worlds.

110.     And (he said), “So, fear Allah. Obey me.”

111.      They said, “Will we believe when the lowest-class of people have followed you?”

112.     He said, “I am not aware (of the result) of what they have been doing.”

113.     (He said), “Enquiring them is my God’s responsibility. Will you not understand?”

114.     “And I am not of them to drive away the believers.”

115.     (He said), “I am no one but a clear warner.”

116.     They said, “O ‘Nuh’, if you do not move away, then you will indeed be stoned to death.”

117.     He said, “Indeed, my God, my people consider me a liar.”

118.     (He also said), “Give a clear judgment between me and them. Save me and the believers with me.”

119.     So, We saved him and those with him in a packed ship.

120.    Then, We drowned the remaining.

121.     Indeed, a sign is in it. Most of them do not believe.

122.    Indeed, your God is the Exalted and the most Merciful.

123.    The people of ‘Aad’ considered their messengers liars.

124.    Remind what their brother ‘Hud’ said to them, “Will you not fear God?”

125.    Indeed, I am to you a trustworthy messenger.

126.    So, fear Allah. Obey me.

127.     And for this we have not asked any reward from you. My reward is only with the God of the worlds.

128.    Are you erecting signs unnecessarily in every high place?

129.    And are you erecting strong buildings in order to be here permanently?

130.    And when you seize, you seize it as oppressors

131.     So, fear Allah. Obey me.

132.    And with whatever you know fear the One who helped you.

133.    134. And He helped you with cattle, children, springs and gardens.26

135.    (He also said), “Indeed, I fear the suffering of the terrible Day1 in your matter.”

136.    They said, “Whether you give advice or not everything is same to us.”

137.     This is nothing but imaginary tales of our forefathers.

138.    And they said, “We will never be punished.”

139.    And they considered him to be a liar. So, We destroyed them. In it there is a sign. Most of them do not believe.

140.    And indeed, your God is the Exalted and the most Merciful.

141.     The people of ‘Tamud’ considered their messengers liars.

142.    Indeed, remind, what their brother ‘Salih’ said to them, “Will you not fear?”

143.    I am a trustworthy messenger to you.

144.    So, fear Allah. Obey me.

145.    And I have not asked any reward for this. My reward is with God of the worlds.

146.    147. 148. Will you be left here without fear in the gardens, springs, cultivable lands and date-palm trees with bunches of ripe fruits?

149.    “And you very expertly carved the mountains into houses.”

150.    “So, fear Allah. Obey me.”

151.     And do not obey the orders of the transgressors.

152.    And said, “They will cause corruption on the earth. Will not reform.”

153.    And they say, “You only remain charmed.”

154.    (They also said), “You are but only a man like us. If you are truthful bring a sign.”

155.    (He) said, “Here is a camel. A day is fixed for it to drink. Another day is for you.”

156.    (Also said), “And do not do any harm to it. The suffering of the terrible Day1 will seize you.”

157.     They slaughtered it. Thus, they became regretful.

158.    And at once, the suffering seized them. In it there is a sign. Most of them do not believe.

159.    And indeed, your God is the Exalted and the most Merciful.

160.    The people of ‘Lut’ considered their messengers liars.

161.     Remind what their brother said to them, “Will you not fear?”

162.    “Indeed, I am a trustworthy messenger to you.

163.    So, fear Allah and obey me.

164.    I have not asked any reward from you for this. My reward is only with the God of the worlds.

165.    166.  Do you go to men leaving your wives, created by Allah for you, in this world? You are a transgressing people.26

167.     They said, “O Lut, if you do not withdraw then you will also be one of the expelled.”

168.    He said, “Indeed, I am the hater of your deeds.”

169.    (Also said), “My God save me and my family from what they have been doing.”

170.    171. So, We saved him and all his family except the old woman who remained (with the bad).26

172.     Then We destroyed all others.

173.     And We sent down rain (of stones) on them. This rain on the warned was very bad.

174.    Indeed, in it, there is a sign. Most of them are not of the believers.

175.     And indeed, your God is the Exalted and the most Merciful.

176.     The people of the orchard (Madyan) also considered their messengers liars.

177.     Remind what ‘Shuaib’ said to them, “Will you not fear?”

178.     Indeed, I am a trustworthy messenger for you.

179.    Fear Allah. Obey me.

180.    And I have not asked any reward from you for this. My reward is with the God of the worlds.

181.     Give in full measure. Do not reduce.

182.    And you weigh with an honest balance.

183.    Do not reduce their things to the people. Do not wander causing corruption on the land.

184.    (He) Said, “And fear the creator who created you and the previous creation”.

185.    They said,” You have been charmed”

186.    (They) said,” You are but only a man like us. Indeed, we consider you a liar.”

187.     (They also said),” If you are truthful, you make a piece of heaven to fall upon us. “

188.    He said,” My God is Knowing well what you do”.

189.    And considered him a liar.So, the suffering of the day shadowed(with cloud) struck them. Indeed, that was the suffering of the terrible day.

190.    Indeed, In it there is a sign. Most of them have not believed.

191.     And ( O Muhammad), Indeed, Your God is the Exalted and the most Merciful.

192.    And indeed, this is revealed by the God of the worlds.

193,194 , 195. The trustworthy Spirit  brought it down26  in your mind152&312, in order that you ( O Muhammad) should become one among the warners, in clear Arabic language227.

196. And Indeed, this is in the Books of your fore-fathers.

197. Is it not an evidence for those that the scholars among the people of Israel have known and ( believed) this ?

198,199. They would not have believed26 , even if it had been revealed to the one who was not an Arab and he had recited  that to those.

200. Thus, We inserted (put) this into the minds of the criminals.

201. They will not believe unless they see the painful suffering.

202. And that will come to them suddenly, when they were unaware.

203. And ( then) they will ask,” Will we be given time?”

204. Do they seek Our punishment in haste?

205,206,207. Do you know26, when We make them taste comfort for many years, then that about which they were warned came to them, what ever they have enjoyed will not save them?

208. And We have not destroyed any place without the warners.

209. (This is) a teaching. We have not caused injustice.

210. Shaitans have not revealed it.

211. That is also not in their capacity. That will be impossible for them.

212. Indeed, they have been prevented from hearing307.

213. You do not call other god besides Allah. Then, you will become the punished.

214. (O Muhammad), Warn your close relatives281.

215. You lower your wings for the believers who followed you251.

216. If they disobey you, say, “Indeed, I am disassociated with what you do.”

217. You rely only on the Exalted and most Merciful.

218 , 219. He sees you26 , while you stand and perform with those who do ‘Sajda’.

220. Indeed, He is the Hearing and the Knowing.

221. Shall I inform you upon whom this Shaitans descend?

222. They descend  on every inventing sinner.

223. They eavesdrop. Most of them are liars.

224. Only vain (people) follow the poets.

225. Do you not see them wandering in every valley?

226. They say what they do not do?

227. Except those people (poets) who believe, do good deeds, remember Allah more often and take revenge after being caused injustice. Then, the unjust will know to which place they have to go.

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