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30. AR ROOM - (The Roman Empire)

மொழியாக்கம் - ஆங்கிலம்
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Chapter: 30

Ar Rum (The Roman Empire)

Total verses – 60

This chapter is named ‘Ar Rum’ because in the verses 2 to 4 of this chapter, defeat of the Roman Empire and its victory later, are mentioned.

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent and the most Merciful.

1. Alif, Lam, Meem.2

2, 3, 4, 5. The Roman Empire has been conquered in the nearby land. They will be victorious, after their defeat in a few years with the help of Allah313. The power either before or after belongs only to Allah. The believers will become happy on that day. Allah helps whom He wants. He is Almighty and the most Merciful26.

6. (This is) Allah’s promise. Allah will not break His promise. Yet, most of the people will not know.

7. They know what is visible outside, in this worldly life. They are careless about the hereafter.

8. Do they not think within themselves? Allah has created the heaven,507 the earth and whatever between them with proper reason, for a fixed period (of time). And indeed, most of the people are disbelievers of their meeting with God.488

9. Should they not travel on the earth and observe what was the end of those who went before them? They were stronger than these. They cultivated more than what these have cultivated, making the land usable. Their messengers came to them with clear signs. Allah would not have caused (ever) any harm to them. Instead, they caused harm to themselves.

10. As the wrong doers, considering Allah’s verses lies, mocked at them, their end itself resulted in evil.

11. Only Allah created first. He will create again. Then you will be returned only to Him.

12. And when that Time1 comes, criminals will lose hope.

13. And there will not be any intercessors among their gods for them. They will deny their gods.

14. And they will be separated when that Time1 is established on that day,

15. And those who believe and do deeds will be made to enjoy in the gardens.

16. Those who disbelieved (Us) and considered our verse and the meeting of the hereafter lies, will be (made to stand) presented before the suffering.

17, 18. Pray Allah, when you reach the evening time, when you reach the morning, after the sunset and in the noon. All praise be to Allah in the heavens507 and the earth26.

19. He brings forth the living from the dead. Brings forth the dead from the living. He gives life to the earth after its death. Then, you will be brought out.

20 And creating you from earth and making you spread as human-beings are in His signs.

21. Creating wives, from among yourselves, for you in order that you should get peace and bringing affection and kindness between you are in His signs. Indeed, there are many signs in it for the people who think.

22. As the creation of the heavens507 and the earth and the differences in your languages and color are in His signs. Indeed, there are many signs in it for the knowledgeable.

23. And your sleeping in the night and in the day and seeking His bounty were in His signs. Indeed, there are many signs in it for the people who hear.

24. And His show of the lighting inducing fear and giving hope to you and His giving of life to the earth, after its death, by sending down water from the heavens507 were in his signs. Indeed, there are many signs in it for the people of understanding.

25. And establishment of the heavens507 and the earth by his order is among His signs. Then He will call you only once. Then you will be brought forth from the earth175.

26. And whoever is in the heavens507 and on the earth belong to Him only. All are obedient only to Him.

27. And He only created first. He will create again. This is very easy for Him. For Him, the Highest attribute in the heavens507 and on the earth. He is Almighty and the Wise.

28. He gives an example from among yourselves. Are there any partners from among your slaves to what we have given you? As you fear between yourselves, will you fear them? Thus, We explain the verses to the people who understand.

29. Rather, the unjust follow their desires without knowledge. Who can show the way to the one whom Allah has left astray? There are no helpers for them.

30. (O Muhammad), stand firm in the way of truth and establish your face towards His religion. This is Allah’s natural religion. Allah has placed the people only on this. There is no change in the creation of Allah. It is the straight religion. Yet, most of the people will not know.

31, 32. Turn only towards Him. Fear Him. Establish prayer. Do not be among the disbelievers who have split their religion into many divisions. Each group gets happy in what it has26.

33, 34. And when any trouble occurs to the people they turn towards their God and pray. Then when He makes them taste His Mercy and a section of them, ungrateful of what We have given them, associate partners to their God. (Then) enjoy. (You) will understand26.

35. Have We given them any sign to speak about what they associate with God?

36. And We make the people taste the Mercy they become happy. They immediately lose their belief when a harm occurs to them, due to their deed.

37. Do they not see that Allah gives wealth to whom He wants, either generously or less? Indeed, there are many signs in it for the believing people345.

38. Give the relatives, poor and the traveller206 their right. This is only best for those who desire Allah’s face. It is those who are successful.

39. And your giving of interest, in order to increase the wealth of the people, will not increase with Allah. If you give Zakat, seeking Allah’s face then, only such people have increased their wealth.

40. Only Allah created you. Then He gave you food463. Then He will make you die. Then He will give you life. Are there among your gods who can do any one thing like this. He is Pure10 (from all weaknesses). He is the most High above what they associate (to Him).

41. Corruption has superseded in the sea and on the land, due to the deeds caused by the people’s hands. He will make them taste a few from their deeds, so that they should repent.

42. Say, “Travel on the land and observe what was the end of those who went before.” Most of them have been associates of partners to God.

43. Establish your face by turning towards the correct religion before the Day1, which cannot be prevented from Allah. On that Day1 they will be separated.

44. Disbelievers’ (of only one God) denial belongs only to them. Those who do good deeds prepare for themselves.

45. He will reward from His Mercy to those who believe and do good deeds. Indeed, He will not like those who disbelieve (Him).

46. And sending the winds which convey good news is in His signs, in order that He will make you taste His Mercy, make the ships sail at His Order, make you seek His Bounty and that you should be grateful.

47. And (O Muhammad), We sent many Messengers before you to their people. They brought clear signs to them. We punish the sinners. It has been a duty upon Us to help the believers.

48. Allah sends the wind. It disperses the cloud. He makes it spread in the heaven507 as He wants. He makes it into many fragments. You see rain comes forth between them. When He makes whom He wants among His servants to taste it, they become happy.

49. Before it was sent to them, they were in disbelief.

50. See, how Allah gives life to the land, after its death, is in the signs of His Mercy. He will give life to the dead. He has power over all things.

51. If We send the wind and they should see that (crops) in yellow colour, there after they become disbelievers.

52. Indeed, you cannot make the dead hear. You cannot make them hear the call, if the deaf run in retreat.

53. And you are not to show the good way to the blind from their misguidance. You can make hear only those who believe and obey Our verses.81

54. Allah created you (when you are) in the state of weakness. Then after the weakness, He gave you strength. Then after the strength He gave weakness and grey (hair). He will create whatever He wants. He is the Knowing and the Almighty.

55. And when the Day1 comes, the sinners will swear that they will not live except for some time. Thus, they have been misdirected.

56. Those who have been given knowledge and belief will say, “You lived in the land till the Day1 of resurrection as it is in the Register157 of Allah. This is the Day1 of resurrection. Yet, you were not aware.”

57. On that Day1, the excuse of the unjust will not give them help. They will not be compelled (to worship).

58. And We have, indeed, explained in the Quran, every example for the people. (O Muhammad) if you bring them sign, the disbelievers (of Us) will say, “You are but only vain”.

59. Thus, Allah puts the seal on the minds of the ignorant.

60. Be patient. Allah’s promise is True. Let not those who do not believe firmly, consider you lightly. 

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