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32. AS SAJDA - (The Prostration)

மொழியாக்கம் - ஆங்கிலம்
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Book 10.

Chapter: 32

As Sajda (The Prostration)

Total verses – 30

This chapter is named ‘As Sajda’ because the verses 15 to 17 of this chapter, mention about those who do Sajda and the rewards they get.

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent and the most Merciful.

1. Alif, Lam, Meem.2

2. (This) is a revealed Book from the God of the worlds. There is no doubt in it.

3. Do they say, “He has invented it”? It is not so. (This) is the truth which has come from your God in order to warn the people to whom no warner has come before you (O Muhammad) and for they should get the right way.

4. It is Allah who created the heavens, the earth and whatever between them in six days179. Then, He sat on the Arsh. For you there is neither a guardian nor an intercessor17 except Him. Will you not think?

5. It is He who administers affairs from the heavens to the earth. It will ascend to Him in a day. It has an extent of thousand years in your calculation293. He is Knowing of the hidden and the visible. He is Almighty and the most Merciful.

7. He adorned the creation of each thing. He started the creation of man from clay368.

8. Then, He created his (man’s) progeny from the essence of the despised water.

9. Then, He proportioned him and blew His soul into him. He made ear, sights and minds to you. You give thanks only a little.

10. And then, they ask, “Will we indeed get new life, after we are buried in the earth?” It is not so. They deny the meeting of their God.

11. Say, “The angel of death appointed exclusively for you will seize you.165 Then, you will be returned to your God.

12. If you could only see the sinners bowing their heads before the God, saying, “Our God, (we) have seen. (We) have heard. So you send us back. We will do good deeds. We will have firm belief.”

13. And if We had wanted, indeed, We would have given every person his right way. Instead, My word, “I will fill the hell with all (bad) people and Jinns” has preceded.

14.  It will be said, “You taste as you have forgotten the meeting of the Last Day1. Indeed, We have also forgotten you.6 So, you taste the permanent suffering for what you have done.

16. When the teaching is given through Our verses, the believers396 are only those, who fall on Sajda, those who glory their God with praises and those who remain without boasting. 

16. Their sights will arise from their beds in order to pray their God with fear and hope. They will spend (in good deeds) from what We have given.

17. And no one knows what is hidden for him as a reward, comforting to their eyes, for what they have done.

18. Will the believer be like the one who has committed a sin? They will not be equal.

19. For those who believed and did good deeds, for what they have done (good), they have homes in the gardens of paradise as a reward.

20. The home for the sinners is hell. They will be pushed (into it) again whenever they think of leaving it. It will be said to them, “Taste the suffering of hell which you have considered a lie.”

21. And We make them taste a smaller suffering before bigger suffering (in the world), in order that they should repent.

22. And who is unjust than the one, even though he was warned by the verses of his God, turned away from that? Indeed, We will punish the sinners.

23. And certainly, We revealed the Book to Musa. You (O Muhammad) do not have doubt in meeting him.315 We made him the guide for the children of Israel.

24. And when they were patient and believed Our verses firmly, We made from among them leaders, who guided with Our order.

25. Indeed, your God will give the Judgment on the Day of Khiyamah1, in what they differed.

26. Has is not shown the right way that We have destroyed many generations before them. They walk on their dwellings. There are many signs in it. Will they not hear?

27. Do they not see, “It is only We who drive the water towards barren land”? We bring forth the crops with that. From that they and their cattle eat. Will they not think?

28. And they ask, “If you should be truthful when will be the Judgment?”

29. Say, “On the Day1 of Judgment, for the disbelievers (of only one God), their belief will not give them use. They will not be given time.”

30. Ignore them. Oppose them. Indeed, they are also waiting.

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