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27. AN NAML - The Ant

மொழியாக்கம் - ஆங்கிலம்
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Book 10

Chapter 27

An – Naml,  The Ant

Total Verses: 93

It is named ‘ An-Naml’ because in the verses 18 and 19 of this chapter the news about the ant is mentioned

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent and the most Merciful.

1. Ta, Seen2. Those are the verses of the Clear Book, called Quran.

2. (This is) a right way and good news for the believers.

3. They will establish prayer, give Zakath. They will only believe  in the Hereafter1 firmly.

4. Indeed, we make the deeds of those, who do not believe in the hereafter, beautiful. So, they wander about distracted.

5. There will be worst suffering only for them. These are only the losers in the hereafter.

6. And (O Muhammad), indeed, this Quran is given to you from the Wise and the Knowing.

7. Remind, what Mūsa said to his family “I see a fire. I will bring you news from there. Or I will bring a burning torch for you to warm.”

8. When he came there, he was informed, “The One who is in the fire and those surrounding it have been blessed. The God of the worlds is Pure10 (free from all weaknesses).”

9. O Mūsa, Indeed, I am Allah the Exalted in Might and the Wise

10. And (He was also informed), “Throw your staff”. When he threw it, he withdrew and ran away without turning, finding it sliding like a snake. (And said), “O Mūsa, do not fear. Indeed, messengers do not fear in My presence.”

11. Yet, I am Forgiving and the most Merciful for the one who caused injustice and after the commitment of wrong, changed into good.

12. (God said), “As you insert your hand into the pocket of your garment; it will come forth white (bright)  without any harm. You (go to) Firaūn and his people with nine signs. Indeed, they are the people committing crimes.”

13. When our signs come to them to be seen clearly, they said, “It is a clear magic.”

14. And, even though they believed it firmly they denied it with injustice and arrogance. Observe, “How was the end of these corruptors.”

15. And indeed, We gave knowledge to Dawūd and Sulaiman. Both of them said, “All praise be only to Allah who honoured us over the great number of His believing servants.”

16. And Sulaiman became the successor of Dawūd. He said, “O people, the language of this land has been taught to us. All these things have been given to us. Indeed, this is the clear bounty.”

17.  And the armies of Jinns, human beings and birds were gathered for Sulaiman and they were paraded269.

18. When they came to the valley of the ants, an ant said, “O ants, enter into your homes. Sulaiman and his army should not unknowingly stamp on you.470

19. (Sulaiman) on hearing its talk, smiled and laughed. (He) said, “May God help me, so that I should thank for the bounty You have given to me and to my parents and to do deeds which will satisfy You. You place me also with Your good servants with Your Mercy.”

20. And he checked the attendance of the birds. (He) said, “I do not see the bird ‘Hud-Hud’. Has it disappeared?”

21. (He said), “I will punish it severely or I will slaughter it or it should bring me a clear evidence.”

22. (That bird) delayed (its presence) only for a little while and said, “(I) came to know of (the news) which you do not know. And I have brought a confirmed news to you from the place of ‘Saba’.”

23. (It said), “Indeed, I saw a woman. She is ruling over them. She has been given everything. She has a magnificent thrown.”

24. (It said), “Indeed, I saw her and her people doing ‘Sajda’ to the Sun instead of Allah. Shaitan has shown their deeds pleasing to them and has prevented them from the (right) way. They will not get the right way.”

25, 26. Will they not do ‘Sajda’ to Allah, who reveals whatever is hidden in the heavens507 and on the earth? He knows what you hide and what you show. No one is worshipful except Allah. He is the Possessor of the magnificent ‘Arsh’26 & 396.

27. He (Sulaiman) said, “We will find out whether you speak the truth or have become (one) among the liars.”

28. (Sulaiman said), “You take this letter of mine and throw it between them. Then, leave them and observe what answer they give,”

29. She said, “O eminent people, indeed, a noble letter has been delivered to me.”

30, 31. Indeed, it has come from Sulaiman. Indeed, in it26 (it is written), “In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent and the most Merciful; Do not try to establish superiority over me. You come to me obeying.”

32. She said, “O courtiers, take a decision in my matter. I will not decide on any matter unless you give counsel.”

33. The (courtiers) said, “We have great strength and also have the capacity to fight relentlessly. As the (decision making) power is only with you, decide very carefully what you will order.

34, 35. (She) said26, “Indeed, when the kings enter a place they will destroy it. They will humiliate the honourable among the people of that place. They will do thus. Indeed, I will send a gift to them. I am going to observe, with what reply those (couriers who were sent) will return.

36. When (the couriers) came to Sulaiman, he said, “Do you help me with wealth? What Allah has given me is better than what he has given you. Rather you be happy over your gift.”

37. (He also said), “Return to them. We will indeed, come to them with a force, which cannot be opposed by them. We will drive them out from there, debased and humiliated.”

38. (Sulaiman) asked, “O eminent (people), who among you will bring her thrown to me before they come to me in obedience?”

39. The Jinn called ‘Ifrith’ said183, “I will bring it to you before you rise up from your place. Indeed, I am faithful and strong.”

40. The one (Jinn) which had knowledge in the Book said, “I will bring it to you within a wink of your eye.” When he (Sulaiman) saw its presence before him, (he said), “This is my God’s bounty in order to test484, whether I am grateful or ungrateful.” Whoever is grateful is grateful for himself. Whoever is ungrateful (he is ungrateful for himself). Indeed, My God is free of need485 and Honourable.

41. (He) said, “Change her thrown hiding its identity. Let us see whether she recognizes it or unable to recognize it.”

42. When she came it was asked, “Is your thrown like this?” She said, “(It) looks like that.” (Sulaiman said), “We have been given knowledge before her. We have been Muslims.”

43. And Whatever she has been worshipping besides Allah prevented her. Indeed, she was in the group of disbelievers (of only one God).

44. It was said to her, “Enter into this palace.” When she saw that, she raised her lower garment above her ankle thinking that to be a pond of water. He said, “That was a palace polished (adorned) by marbles.” She said, “I have caused harm to myself. I have submitted to the God of the worlds along with Sulaiman.”

45. And indeed, We sent to the people of ‘Tamud’, their brother ‘Salih’ asking them to worship Allah. At once they started arguing in two groups.

46. He said, “O my people, why do you seek bad in haste before good? Will you not seek forgiveness for your sin from Allah, in order to get His Mercy?”

47. They said, “We consider you and those with you as a bad omen.” He said, “Your bad omen is only with Allah. Instead, you are the group of people who are being tested.484

48. And in that place there were nine tribes. They caused corruption on the land. They were not to be reformed.

49. Each of them, making a promise on Allah, said, “We will destroy him and his family at night. Then we will inform their relatives that we have not seen their destruction of their family. Indeed, we say only the truth.”

50. And they plotted a great plot. We also plotted a great plot without their knowing6.

51. Observe, “What happened to the end of their plot. We destroyed them and their people by their roots (completely).

52. Then, see how their houses are in a ruined state as they caused injustice. Indeed, there is a lesson for the people who know.

53. And We saved those who believed and feared (Us).

54, 55. And Lut said to his people, “Do you indeed do shameful acts knowingly? Leaving the women you go to the men with desire. You have been only senseless people.”

56. The response of his people was26, “Expel the family of Lut from your place. Indeed, they are puritans.”

57. We saved him and his entire family except his wife. We decided that she should remain (with the ruined).

58. And We poured on them rain (of stones). The rain (poured) on the warned was bad.

59. Ask, “All praise be only to Allah. Peace be upon those whom He has selected. Is Allah better or what they associate with Him?”

Part 20

60. (Are those you associated with God better, or) the one who created the heavens and the earth and sent down water (rain) from the heavens to you?507 By that we grow fertile gardens. You cannot grow even a tree in it. Is there other god with Allah? No. Most of them do not know.

62. (Are those you associated with God better, or) the One who answered whoever prays while meeting any crisis and removed the trouble and made you the progeny46 on the earth? Is there any other God with Allah? You think only a little.

63. (Are those you associated with God better) or the one who showed the way in the darkness429 of the land and the sea? The one who sent the wind as good news before His Mercy? Is there other god with Allah? Allah is High and above whatever they associate with Him.

64. (Are those you associated with God better) or the one who first created the living things and then will  create them again? Or the one who will give you food from the heavens507 and the earth463? Is there other god with Allah? Ask, “If you are truthful then bring your sign.”

65. Say, “Nobody except Allah knows what is hidden in the heaven507 and on the earth. They do not even know when they will be resurrected.”

66. Their knowledge about hereafter is reduced. They are in doubt concerning that. No. They are only blind about it.

67. And the disbelievers (of only one God) ask, “Will we and our forefathers, when we become dust, indeed, be brought forth?”

68. (They say), “We and our forefathers have been warned about it before this. This is nothing but the tales of the forefathers.”

69. Say, “Travel in the land. See, how the end of the criminals was.”

70. And do not be sad for them. If they plot do not be distressed in mind.

71. And they ask, “If you are truthful when will the warning (be fulfilled).”

72. Say, “A part of what you have been seeking in haste will reach you.”

73. And indeed, your God is merciful on the human being. Yet, most of them are not grateful.

74. And indeed, your God knows what their minds hide and what they reveal.

75. And whatever is hidden in the heavens507 and on the earth, is in the clear Register157.

76. Indeed, this Quran explains most of that about which the children of Israel differed.

77. Indeed, this is a straight way and the mercy for the believers. 

78. And indeed, your God will give His judgment between them. He is the Exalted in might and Knowing.

79. Rely only on Allah. Indeed, you are in clear truth.

80. Indeed, you cannot make the dead hear. You cannot make the deaf, who runs away ignoring when they are called, hear.

81. And you are not the one who can remove the misguidance from the blind and show the right way to them. You can make hear only those who believe in Our verses and remain as Muslims81.

82. And We will bring forth from the earth a living being, when (Our) order against them comes to pass. It will speak308 about the people who have not been firm about Our verses.

83. And on that Day1 We gather together a group from each generation, which considered Our verses lies and they will made to stand in rows. 

84.  When they come (God) will ask, “Did you consider Our verses lies without knowing them completely? Or, then what was that you have been doing?”

85. And the order against them will happen because they were unjust. Then, they will not speak.

86. Have they not seen, how We have made the night for them to get peace and the day for them to be seen? Indeed, there are many signs in it for the people who believe.

87. On the Day1 the ‘Sur’ is blown, except those whom Allah has wanted, whoever in the heaven507 and whoever on the earth will shiver346. All will come to him humbled.

88. You see the mountains. You think they are firm. They will move like a cloud (on that Day). This is the work of Allah who has perfected everything. Indeed, He is well Knowing of what you do.

89. There is better than that for the one who brought a good deed. They will be secure from the shock of that Day1.

90. And those who brought evil will be pushed face down into hell. (It will be said), “Will you be given reward except for what you did?”

91, 92. I have been ordered to worship Allah who has made this place holy. Everything belongs to Him only. I have been ordered to become a Muslim and recite Quran. And say26, “Whoever received the right way, received the right way only for himself. Whoever went astray (will know) that I am only a warner81.”

93. And say, “All praise be to Allah.” He will show you His signs. You will know it. He is not unobservant of what you do.

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