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29. AL ANKABOOTH - (The Spider)

மொழியாக்கம் - ஆங்கிலம்
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Chapter: 29

Al- Ankabut(The Spider)

Total verses – 69

This chapter is named ‘Al Ankabut’ because in the fourth verse of this chapter, a spider’s web is cited as an example of the people who have the wrong perception of God.

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent and the most Merciful.

1. Alif,Lam,meem.2

2. Do the people think that they will not be tested if they say, “we believed”?

3. We certainly, tested those who went before them. Allah knows the speakers of truth. He also knows the liars.

4. Do the wrong-doers think that they can supersede  Us ? Their judgment they give is very bad.

5. Whoever expect for the meeting of Allah (let them know) indeed, the fixed time has to come. He is the Hearing and the Knowing.

6. And whoever works, works only for him. Allah is free of need from the people of the worlds.

7. And We will erase the wrongs from those who believe and do good deeds. We will give them reward for what they have been doing.

8. And We have emphasized upon the man to do good help to his parent. Do not obey, if both of them compel you to associate to Me that about which you have know knowledge. Your return is only to Me. I will inform you about what you have been doing.

9. And We will join those who believe and do good deeds with good people.

10. There are also people among them who say, “We have believed in Allah”. They consider the trouble caused by the people as Allah’s punishment, when they were troubled in Allah’s matter. When help comes from your God, they say, “indeed , we were with you”. Is not Allah aware of what is in the minds of the people of the worlds?

11. And Allah is Knowing of those who have believed. He also knows of the hypocrites.

12. And the disbelievers (of only one God) say to the believers, “Follow our way. We will carry your sins”. They will not carry any of their sins. Indeed, they are liars.

13. Indeed, they will carry their loads and carry some other loads along with their loads254. And the Day of Qiyamah1 they will be enquired about what they used to invent.

14. And We certainly, sent Nuh to his people. He lived with them for a thousand years minus fifty years. A big flood seized them when they were unjust.

15. We saved him and those in the ship. We made it signs for the people of the worlds222.

16. And remind, what Ibrahim said to his people, “Worship Allah. Fear only Him. If you should know, this is the best”.

17. You worship only the idols, formed out of your imagination, except Allah. Indeed, those you worship except Allah, can not give you wealth. So, seek wealth only from Allah. Worship him only. Be grateful to Him. You will be returned only to Him.

18. And if you consider (it) a lie (then) before you, many generations have considered (it) a lie. There is (no other  duty) on the messenger, except to convey clearly.

19. Are they not aware, how Allah created first? Then, He will create again. Indeed, this is easy for Allah.

20. Travel on the earth. Ask them to observe, “How Allah created first?” Then, Allah will produce one more time. Indeed, Allah has power over everything.

21. He will punish whom He wants. He will favour whom He wants. You will be taken only to Him.

22. And you are not to win (God) on the earth and in the heavens. Except Allah, there is neither a guardian nor a helper to you.    

23. And the disbelievers of Allah’s verses and His meeting, have lost their hope in My mercy. There is a painful suffering for them.

24. And his peoples reply was nothing except that they said, “Kill him or burn him in fire.” Allah saved him from fire. Indeed, there are many signs in it for the people who will believe.

25. And you have made idols except Allah because of the affection between you for the life of the world. Then on the Day1 of Qiyamah, you will deny each other among you. One among you will curse the other. Your resting place is hell. There is no one to help you.

26. And Lut believed him. (Ibrahim) said, “Indeed, I am going to do ‘Hijrah’ towards God. Indeed, He is the Mighty and the Wise.

27. And We gave Isac and Yaqub to him. We gave the honour of a messenger and the Book to his progeny. We gave him his reward in the world. Indeed, he will also be with good in the hereafter.

28, 29. And We also (sent) Lut. When he said to his people, “You are doing a shameful act. Indeed, before this nobody in the world has done it. Indeed, do you go to the men severing the right way? Do you do the loathsome act in your are assembly?” The reply26 of his people was nothing but what they said, “If you are truthful bring Allah’s punishment.”

30. He said, “My God, You help me against the corrupt people”

31. When Our messengers (angels)161 brought good news to Ibrahim, (they) said, “Indeed, the people of the place were wrong doers. We will destroy that place”

32. He asked, “Indeed, Lut remains there.” (They) said, “We know well about those who are there. Indeed, we will save him and his family except his wife. She will remain (with the ruined).

33. When the messengers (angel)161 came to Lut, he became sad and distressed in his mind by them. To that they said, “You do not fear, do not be sad we will save you and your family except his wife. She will remain (with the ruined).

34. (They also said), “Indeed, we are going to send the suffering from the heaven on those people as they have done wrong.”

35. And We have left a clear sign for the people who understand.

36. (And We sent) his brother Shuaib to this place (of) Madyan. He said, “O my people, worship Allah. Believe in the Last Day1. Do not wander causing corruption in the land.”

37. (They) considered him to be a liar. Earth-quake seized them. In the morning, they lay fallen down in their houses.

38. (And We destroyed) the people of Aad and Tamud. It is made clear to you from their (ruined) houses. Shaitan showed their deeds attractive to them. He prevented them from the (right) way, even though they were wise.

39. And We destroyed Qarun, Firaun and Hamman. Musa brought them clear signs. They prided on the earth. They were not to be successful.

40. We punished each for their respective sins. We sent a rain of stones on a few. Huge sound struck a few others among them. We buried alive into the earth a few other among them. We drowned a few among them. Allah would not have caused harm to them. Instead, it was they who wronged themselves.

41. The example of those who have taken guardians except Allah is like that of a spider. It built a house. Indeed, the house of the spider is the weakest of the house. Should they not know (it)?

42. Indeed, Allah knows what they worship except Him. He is Mighty and the Wise.

43. And We cite these examples for the people. Except the knowledgeable, others will not understand.

44. Allah created the heavens and the earth with proper reason. Indeed, there is a sign in it for the believer.

Part 21

45. Recite (O Muhammad) from the book, what has been revealed to you. Establish prayer. Indeed, prayer prevents from the shameful things and from wrong. Remembering Allah is great. Allah knows what you do.

46. And do not argue with the people of the Book27, except the unjust among them, except in a good way. Say, “We believe in that which has been revealed to us and that which has been revealed to you. Our God and your God is one. We submit only to Him.”

47. And thus, We revealed the Book to you. To those whom We gave Our Book believe it. There are also believers in these (who have not been given the Book). Except the disbelievers (in only one God) no one rejects Our verses.

48. (And O Muhammad), you have not been reciting from any Book4 before. You will also not write with your right hand (in future).152 & 312 Indeed, if it has been so, then the vain would have doubted.

49. Rather, these are clear verses. They are in the mind of the knowledgeable. Except the unjust nobody will deny our verses.

50. They ask, “Should not his God’s miracles be revealed to him? And say (O Muhammad),”Miracles are only with Allah. I am only a clear warner.”

51. And is it not sufficient that We revealed the Book to you and that is recited to them? Indeed, for the believing people there is mercy and teaching in it.

52. Say, “Allah is sufficient to observe between me and you. He knows what is between the heavens and the earth. Those who believe in vain and disbelieve Allah are the losers.”

53. And they seek the suffering in haste from you. The suffering would have come if the fixed period of time had not been there. It will come suddenly, when they are not aware.

54. They seek the suffering in haste from you. Indeed, hell will surround the disbelievers (of only one God).

55. (God) will say on the Day1, the suffering will surround them from above and below from the legs, “You taste what you have been doing.”

56. O My believing  servants, indeed, My earth is spacious. Worship only Me.

57. Every person will taste the death, then they will return only to Us.

58. And, We will settle those who believe and do good deeds in the palace of paradise. Beneath them rivers flow. They will remain there permanently. The reward of the workers is excellent.

59. They will observe patience. They will rely only on their God.

60. And ever so many living things do not carry their food. Only Allah gives food to them and to you. He is the Hearing and the Knowing.

61. If you ask them, “Who has created the heavens and the earth and has kept the sun and the moon under His control?” Indeed, they will say, “Allah”. Then, “how are they misdirected?”

62. Allah gives wealth generously among his servants to whom He wants. He gives limitedly to whom He wants. Indeed, Allah is Knowing of everything.

63. And if you ask them, “Who sends down water from the heaven and gives life with that when earth dies?” They will say, “Only Allah”. And say, “All praise be to Allah”. Rather, most of them  do not understand.

64. And this worldly life is nothing but vanity and amusement. Indeed, only the life in the hereafter is the (real) life. Should they not know?

65. And when they board a ship, they perform their prayer submitting only to Him with pure mind. They associate others to God after (We) save them and take them to the land.

66. Let them deny what We have given them. Let (them) enjoy. They will know.

67. Do they not observe those, who surrounding them, were in the state of being swept away? We have made the holy place, giving refuge to them. Do they believe in vain and are ungrateful to Allah’s Mercy?

68. And who is unjust than the one who is the inventor of lies on Allah or considered the truth which came to him a lie? Is there no resting place for the disbelievers (of only one God)?

69. And We will show Our ways to those who strive in Our matter. Indeed, Allah is with the good doers.

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